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  1. Thanks. I know it was a stupid question but I've never used it before and didn't know if it removed any of the paint when it came up.
  2. Actually, IMHO, your opinion of his opinion is worthless. Sergey's stamps are more expensive than other stamps and that is a fact. I haven't used any of Sergey's stamps yet, but I am buying them because they are higher quality and, as in most cases, you pay more for higher quality. Whether the expense is worth it or not is a matter of individual concern.
  3. Looking for a good pattern to make a pipe roll large enough to hold a tobacco tin, pipe tools and at least two pipes. Any suggestions where I can find one?
  4. Ok. I watched both videos. But my question is how much material do you remove?
  5. I searched through the forum but probably didn't do it very efficiently. I am look for Christmas stamps, especially Holly leaves. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. Actually, not that different except you used the charge book for actual rules infractions serious enough to get called on the carpet. We also had that in the Coast Guard. For the initiations, it was mainly to create a keepsake of the event and it was all in good fun. I became a Chief Petty Officer in 1985 and I still have my charge book packed away with my last dress uniform in a chest.
  7. Don't know when you were in, but doing the rating badge behind the Chiefs insignia was being used as far back as 1972 when I was grease-behind-the ear young Fireman Apprentice on an icebreaker. What you described was also pretty standard for charge books -albeit not in leather - when I retired in 1993.
  8. In the olden days of the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy - before political correctness took over - when an enlisted person was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7 paygrade), they had the option to be initiated into the Chief Petty Officers association. Once they said, "I'm going to be initiated." they were issued a charge book - in my case it was a green record book - that I would have to take around and present to anyone who was a chief petty officer or above who would then fill the pages with any type of "well wishes" and insults they would like. During the initiation, the Judge would use the charge book as reason to punish the new chief by making him do silly stuff. It should be noted, other than getting you possibly drunk, they would not do anything to physically harm you. In today's military, they give you a charge book, fill it was niceties and well wishes - and nothing not politically correct - and have a formal dining-in for new Chiefs.
  9. I know you can order stamps from Tandy. Who else sells good stamps online?
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I want to make a Sporran for my son for Christmas. Does anyone know of a Sporran Kit that's available? I did find a free pattern but there are really no instructions and I like instructions I can print out. Thanks
  11. I dove headfirst into leather working a couple of weeks ago because I decided I wanted to make a 4 inch wide belt for my Santa Suit (I was a mall Santa last year and decided to by my own suit and do some freelance work this season.) Back in the 1960s, I used to save money to buy kits at Tandy, so I went to the local Tandy and bought the basic carving kit to teach myself how to carve. I've carved six coasters, a coin purse and a belt pouch. Monday, I started my journey on making a belt by attending a belt making class at the shop. I started with a 1.5" wide belt figuring it was practice and it was cheap. As a "newbie" I went in knowing: 1. I was going to need a lot of practice carving to do it right (not perfect, but right). 2 I was going to make mistakes. 3. The way to prevent mistakes is practice. 4. Start out small and simple. 5. The more I practice the better I will get. 6. Find a good forum to learn from those willing to share knowledge. 7. Practice.
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