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  1. I'm using 4-5 oz leather for the shell, a floating canvas liner for the inside with 8 card slots on the inside, I'll post pics of the finished product as soon as she's all stitched up, thanks everyone!
  2. Oops! Missed some decorative cuts and saw them in the pic, can you spot them?
  3. I made this clutch wallet for a customer 3 years ago and the zipper finally gave out, she just wanted a new zipper on it but after I saw it again I decided to make her a new one, thus is what 3 years of practice, patience and alot of curse words will get you, so anyone new to leather, don't give up!
  4. Had a customer who wanted Dolly on her strap, she turned out okay, I regret running a beveler across her top lip
  5. Thank you, the font is from a graffiti font I found on the interweb lol
  6. That's actually really good, if you want to make those details really pop put a resist on it and use a dark brown antique on it, either way great work! Love the details
  7. Quick belt for me while I had some time, full 1.75 inch
  8. Made this for the back of a denim jacket, thought it turned out decent
  9. Latest purse strap I'm working on for a customer
  10. That's a great looking maul! Very nice!
  11. Actually I have! I hunt with a one piece bear recurve during archery season, I've taken 2 deer with knapped broadheads, they are effective but the shot has to be well placed, they don't cut as well as a steel broadhead but they will cause some damage
  12. Made a leg strap for my indirect percussion tool for knapping, somehow leatherwork finds its way into all my hobbies
  13. I use a bk 16 oz maul for almost all of my carving, then I keep a 24 oz around for all my basketweave stamps. Unless I'm carving on 12 oz or thicker leather I use the 16 oz exclusively and it seems to be the perfect weight, plus it doesn't really cause any fatigue after using it all day, and you'll definitely want it tapered, IMHO
  14. We as small time leather workers do have 2 big advantages over the mass producers and thats the ability to pivot on design and products much faster and being able to offer customization and personalization. You can't go to someone who mass produces this stuff and get a bespoke holster, belt etc. And thats where we fit in, the personalized aspect of it, people will pay more for something unique
  15. Normally I do carve the initials in but he's always asked for traditional stamped letters on everything I've made him Appreciate everyone! He's home for Christmas then he's headed to Europe for 9 months
  16. My 20 year old son who's stationed in Colorado gets a new belt for Christmas
  17. Thanks for the replies, I searched high and low as well and it looks like I'll be making them myself
  18. Looking for precut leather borders for stone inlays, does anyone know what they're called or where i can find them? Thanks in advance!
  19. Made the wife a new belt for Christmas with a matching buckle
  20. I do them by hand, punch your stitch holes around the patch and then contact cement onto the hat, careful that none shows outside the patch, then use a sharp to stitch it on! Takes about 10 minutes to do a saddle stitch, but I dont use two needles, I just backstitch all the way back to the start, hope this helps
  21. I have a set of the Japanese style and I love them, they were sharp right out of the box and they make your stitches look great! One note I would offer is definitely use the smallest needle you can with the thread you're using as the holes will be much smaller than tandys other chisels
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