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  1. I have to agree with all the above comments. Very nice work and I really like the simplicity of the design. Kudos.
  2. Very nice. Good work all around.
  3. Absolutely beautiful! You made the right choice on the finish. One to be extremely proud of. Nice blade too. Perfect combo.
  4. Good looking piece. For your edges, try lightly dampening them with a sponge and rub a little Feibings bar type saddle soap on them before using your slicker. If they start to dry, dampen them again and keep slickering. Old school but it works great.
  5. Welcome back from a former Colorado boy. ( Raised around Denver, left in '76, discovered Central Oregon and haven't been back since.) I'm also a returning member here and share the fun and satisfaction mentioned above.
  6. PocoOso

    New here

    Welcome, from the High Desert. I'm south and east of you in sagebrush paradise. Totally understand the "learnings opportunities" (LOL) You'll like it here. There are many helpfull folks on here. Great place to learn.
  7. Very nice indeed. The white stitching sure compliments the white spot. Real clean look. Excellent!
  8. Beautiful piece! The dog is fantastic, but that wall sure grabs the eye. Kudos!
  9. Interesting design. That open/close function really adds to it's unique capabilities. Very nice.
  10. PocoOso

    The sardine can

    Beautifully done! Interesting shape and nice, clean craftmanship. Kudos!
  11. Thanks for the welcome all. Glad to be back.
  12. New, old member, rejoining. I've been away from the forum for a while and couldn't remember my old user name or password, so I started a new account. Anxious to get going again.
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