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  2. Uhh . . . no . . . the loops always come out the exact same size . . . because the "form" that makes them . . . is the bullet that will be held in them. And yes . . . wet molding would probably describe the process accurately. OK . . . why would you want to integrate a rubber butt pad with a leather butt cover and shell holder . . . with a possible cheek riser on it?? The cheek riser and butt cover . . . they go together well . . . A butt cover . . . and cartridge loops . . . they go together well . . . cover, riser, and loops all go togetherwell . . . But a rubber butt pad??? I actually make cheek risers for scope shooters and they work well for some iron sights . . . I just lace em on like the pics enclosed. This one in the pic used brass grommets . . . it was a test run . . . didn't work out. We just punch holes in em now . . . and lace thru the holes. May God bless, Dwight
  3. Im intersted in all 3 stohlman if still available??
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  5. I'm not sure that I would have thought of starting it with the foot pedal down, I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere else. At least you got it working.
  6. I have used this method and it works great. I always line the belt so once you glue and sew on the lining the loops cannot move.
  7. I had run earlier into another method. Maybe worth taking a look? But, yes, you'll need a liner for loops with rivets. The only similar project I've tried is this one:
  8. Super duper stupier question: with that design, isn't there risk of pulling on one of the loops and making it larger and the others smaller in diameter? I see you're wetting it, so kinda wet-moulding it would make it stay put, but just wondering. It would also be interesting to see a picture of a but cover fully done. I've been squeezing my brain trying to make a couple of them with an integrated butt pad, and I just can't figure out how to do it properly, specially what to use for closing/securing it—velcro, snaps, zipper....
  9. Awesome, thanks. I always forget about trying the wayback machine for sites that won't load. Good info there. Also good to know about the "buckle". I had wondered if the rivets would be a problem, but figured you'd have mentioned it if they had been.
  10. I also made a modification on the the "buckle" end. The original has three decorative domed rivets: http://djole.altervista.org/djole/Publications/Leather/A/Arming Scabbard hanger/Hanger 1.jpg But they didn't hold up to the strain, so I replaced them with the copper "burr and washer" rivets.
  11. I just saw that the Ye Olde Gaffer's website has vanished into internet ether... But the Wayback machine has it available : https://web.archive.org/web/20200731202515/http://www.yeoldegaffers.com/project_scabbard.asp I followed his recommendation: I used a cloth measuring tape and wrapped it around the scabbard in the same pattern as the lacing would be. This gave me a baseline length, but I cut it longer and after actually doing the lacing, I trimmed off the excess leather. I didn't have to trim too much. If you don't have a cloth measuring tape, you can use a length of string instead. And remember -- some of the straps require a slit so that another section of the strap can go through it --- don't cut those slits in advance! Cut them as you are lacing.
  12. Actually . . . I made em so when the belt was laid down on a table . . . the loops touched each other. Didn't have to worry when it was being worn . . . rounded backsides always separated them a tad. I tried following the sewing idea one time . . . doubt if I ever will do it again. This takes about the same amount of time . . . but I like it much better. besides that . . . sewn loops have to be sewn back somewhat behind the cartridge . . . or over time . . . they get loose and when the belt is taken off . . . clink clink clink . . . bullets on the floor. May God bless, Dwight Check the above post May God bless, Dwight
  13. Old people here used to cook with it. Big seller was 5 gallon “lard stands” to store it after rendering. Makes a great but greasy fried pie Still a lady here that sells homemade lard fried pies. When times got hard lard sandwiches were made.
  14. This person uses cooking lard that he keeps in the fridge. Great information guys. I was intrigued by it, so I just had to ask. Now I know what to use if I'm ever in a pinch.
  15. Amazing all the way around. I really like the dye job. Air brush?
  16. i watch the marshal almost every day i just noticed his belt loops the other day, they used two rivets on each end. Gotta love the holsters shown on the series not to mention the surprise actors that came on. there was a really cool one on the other day a double rig and the holsters were put on smaller curved straps that hung down from the main belt if i remember they were hung by rings. Wish i could remember the episode.
  17. wouldn't it be the diameter of the case plus the leather thickness x2 at the least, you could probably make them wider if wanted.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I agree, that most leatherworkers would look for a solution with a speed reducer. But perhaps a few would like the extra range of speed (from minimum to max speed) that a machine could get with such a motor, because it could add some more flexibility for some machines. But I should like to know, if someone have tried to use the motor with such low speed and how it actually perform. The price level is indeed very high for these Efka motors. However you may find one second hand on a machine. If you got a machine on factory floor for mass production, I guess you look for many bells and whistles to increase production rate and then the high price can be justified. I tried to look for a specification for minimum speed for the Reliable brand, but could not find it.
  19. Glad you're here John. You will definitely find helpful folks from all over the world that can share their knowledge and experience with you. Welcome from SW Missouri!
  20. thanks for that tidbit. What is the math behind determining the spacing of the slots? So I can make them for different calibers.
  21. Hi folks, I am dipping my toes into leather work and hope to learn from you all. I've admired leather products for a long time and my interest in working with it started with a desire to make a few knife and axe sheaths. Now I'm interested in other stuff, too, lol. I bought a starter kit and some leather and figure to get started this weekend. Looking forward to learning! John
  22. Bought mine in 93. Still use them. Never stropped neither.
  23. How did you determine the lengths you needed to do the two sections of the belt? More specifically I guess, how long to cut the sections for the lacing.
  24. A little late, if they ever have a sale I hope it’s applied retroactively. At least to the folks that just bought a rather pricy 29k from them….. that would be nice… surprise refund…. No…. Didn’t think so…
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