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    Texas history, drawing and cooking/BBQ/ peach cobbler. Music is a must in the shop setting and Western is the preferred sounds in the air.

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    general leather
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    If your not learning everyday, your standing still!
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  1. Nicely done . I have a couple pieces in my wall locker that I've done similar to math.. I just can't spell. I miss spelled Miss Rodeo North Dakota's name. Lucky for me I checked/compared the mailing label before I took it to the post office. Blessed be!
  2. I like your pattern front and back. it's got a nice flow to it.
  3. Very Nice, very clean looking. I like your use of lacing.
  4. TimKleffner


    Howdy Sam, I'm currently in Corpus Christi and am under contract to buy a house/property in Azle. I plan to build a nice sized shop ... Happy tooling TimKleffner
  5. Hi Brent, I looked thru your pics, you've got some nice work showed here. Thanks for posting


  6. Bob, As always your knock it out of the park. just wonderful work. Thanks for the post Tim
  7. Real Nice work! Thanks for posting the pics. You've got the buckles down and they are a compliment to your pieces. Happy tooling Tim
  8. Here's mine, I saw a cone flower in the Saddlers Journal this weekend. Happy tooling Tim
  9. Casey That's wonderful work you do. I just have to ask... Did you hand or machine sew? Your stitch line is right on the mark! Thanks for posting Tim
  10. Curly........ I'm having the same problem.... Hang in there I've sent several notices to ADMIN. Happy tooling Tim
  11. Hi Bob I've been getting my buffalo /bison hides from the Leather Guy. they have a good range of colors and specials thru the year. Their web site is theleatherguy.org or at least that's what I have on my address bar when I pull them up. Great folks, I met them at Sheridan several years back. They carry domestic buffalo from meat farms, the sides are all real consistent. Happy tooling Tim
  12. Hi Ya'll I still can't get my avatar pic to change. I changed the pic at the setting section but still can't get my pic to change Can you help me? Tim Name: TimKleffner UserName: TimKleffner IP Address: Email Address: hr1909@hotmail.com
  13. Barkhouse I agree with dirtclod. I use a block of wood to keep the form intact and keep the wood block inside the piece until after I finish my sewing. Just make sure you work the wood form in and out so you won't get it too tight so you can remove the wood form. Happy tooling Tim
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