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  1. Hey Dude, could ya give me a call 980-621-5851 just ask for Doc 

  2. Love this and hope u don't mind if I borrow the idea. I carry an old Ruger Blackhawk into the woods and have had that old trusty pistol snatched right out of my holster from horseback before. Luckily I found it. I am more into securing my pistol than having a fast draw.
  3. Gun Broker.com has a retailer on the auction side that sells them. You can buy just one as I do sometimes for knife handles. They also sell all sorts of horns, antlers, teeth pretty much anything you need.
  4. Never worked with Horse hide but I can say that if I want the thread to stay looking the same I simply glue up my holsters, sheaths,etc with contact cement. After I have completely finished dying, I then sew up the sheath or holster. After dying I have a crock pot with hot bee's wax/mink oil/neats foot oil mixture that I dip the item into. Once the item has soaked for about 30 seconds I put it into a toaster over on warm for about a minute. I then buff with a very soft buffing wheel, one I use strictly for buffing leather. This process waterproofs the item inside and out and gives a nice satin finish. The heat from the oven hardens the leather giving me a rigid holster or sheath.
  5. I have air brushed about every dye out there. Seems they all work fine for me.
  6. I make several knife sheaths for fillet knives and sometimes I will use a fish hook to brand the sheath with. I simply heat it up with a propane torch and brand where I need it. On vegi-tan I brand before dye. On other leathers I simply brand then apply a finish or not depending on the leather. I get the hook red hot then wait a few seconds before branding. It only takes a second to burn the brand in. Any longer and you will burn to deep. I branded a wallet once and burned all the way thru the thin leather. Practice on the leather you plan to brand first. Branding is a cool way to embellish leather. You are only limited by your imagination.
  7. Tandy leather has a discount club. I am, I think, am an Elite member. It pays for itself every time I walk into that store.
  8. I have had some decent results using my drill press and the burnisher I made to go into it on the highest speed with bees wax/mink oil. I get the edge so hot I am basically burning it.
  9. U R truly an artist. Please post more of your work.
  10. Looking good. LOL you are like me me thinks. I make sheaths and cases for everything around the house.
  11. This post is no good without pics of someone wearing this costume. Great looking work especially for the first time.
  12. Fido be pimping with one of these collars on. Nice look work!
  13. It is hell getting old. I think after I turned 55 everything started to go down hill from there. At 60 all hell broke lose. I turn 61 in November and I don't want to think about what will stop working then. I am already having to drink prune juice every night just so I can have a pleasant morning.
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