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  1. Nicely done. Don't you love the feeling of trying to make something for the first time? We learn so much. Your bags turned out wonderfully!
  2. Looks great, Deborah! I recently bought a digital copy of Al Stohlman's Art of make leather cases, volume 1. The first 20-30 pages discuss techniques about attaching straps to items, O and D ring methods, and a lot of information that could be translated into variety for cuffs and collars like this. I highly recommend checking it out.
  3. Fantastic work. You did a great job separating the red parts from the black.
  4. Thanks for this! I see many ways I can improve my own methods.
  5. Looks great. I like the channels you cut for the button studs. What did you use to punch the tiny hole at the end of the slit?
  6. I really like this. I like the colours you chose and the tree is wonderful. Good job.
  7. That's a great design. The blade shape is pretty awkward, sheathing it is a challenge that you have triumphed over.
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