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  1. Thanks for the reply Darren. It looks like a nice machine, I'll probably take it to Missouri Sewing Machine Company in Kansas City and have them give it a tune-up. I've read that you can even sew light leather on this machine, is that true? Steve
  2. I went to the Singer serial number site to see what I could find. Based on the serial number, it was made around 1938. Is it possible the machine was electrified later? The serial number is: AE878765. Steve
  3. Picked this old Singer from an Estate sale recently. I know it's not a leather machine (got that covered) but since it went for cheap and it works, I had to have it. I've been looking for a model number but haven't found one. It does have a serial number but guess that won't help much. Does anyone know what model this is? Thanks, Steve
  4. TinkerTailor and OLDNSLOW, thanks for the replies. Yes, it's possible that the rubber track could be from a snowboard buckle or something like that, I hadn't thought of that. I'll drop by my local sporting goods store and do some further research. As to the belt, I bought one, not a cheap one, it cost me 45.00. I too was concerned with the whole cutting it to fit thinking the stitching would unravel once cut. For some reason, it didn't and the belt seems to work pretty well. I probably have 15 or 20 belts in a box that I have worn out since I first started making them. We'll see how this holds up. I want the rubber track, so I can make my own belt, probably not for sale but so I can make it to size out of top-grain leather. If I find the material, I'll post it so anyone who would like to make on can find the parts to do so. Steve
  5. I've searched high and low over the internet trying to find the rubber track that is used in making a 'Ratchet Belt'. It must be a guarded secret as I can't find a single listing telling what the material is, or what the source is. Now, there must be a hundred different companies that make these type of belts; one would think it would be pretty easy to find the parts used in one of these belts. To me it looks like some form of timing belt material but that's just a best guess. Anyone out these know what the rubber track is and where I can buy some of it? Thanks, Steve
  6. I saw one thread about this subject, and thought I'd see if anyone knows a supplier for these materials. Basically a ratchet belt is one with no holes. A plastic track is sewn into the inside of the belt and the buckle locks into the track. Seems like a really cool concept. Problem is finding the track material that is used in these belts. I've done a pretty extensive Google search and have found nothing. Anyone know where I can find this material? Thanks
  7. Wiz, I can always could on you to give a concise explanation of the issue. Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. LeatherWerks
  8. It's been a really long time since I got to do much leather work as I was in a car accident last year. Now I'm back in the saddle, (so to speak) back on the forum, but just as dumb as before. I'm having a bit of trouble getting this Juki to sew correctly again. It's nothing serious, I just need a refresher on how to adjust the tension on the machine to get the stitch results I'm looking for. Can anyone help with this one? All I need to know is if I tighten this, it will do that kind of stuff. Thanks, Leatherwerks
  9. Thanks Dan and all the others who replied. Steve
  10. Recently I purchased a Campbell Randall Keystone splitter and skiver. It's just the same as the Weaver Heritage or Osborne I guess. Looks like a good quality product. I bought it new and thought the blade would be sharper that what it is. Does anyone know the proper way to sharpen this blade? I do have a surface plate which is about as flat as you can get if I need a flat surface. Steve
  11. I use a Starrett divider. Starrett is known in the industry as some of the finest tools made. Typically machinist and pattern makers use this quality of tool. I took mine and rounded off the points and polished them up. They mark a perfect line on leather every time. You'll pay good money for this level of quality, but likely, it will be the last divider you'll ever need to buy. Make sure you buy the machinist type and not the carpenters type. Search Amazon for Starrett Divider. Steve
  12. Okay, it appears that either the price is too high or nobody is interested in these hides. Here's what I'll do. Any one item of your choice $100.00. I really don't see where you can buy leather at these prices. I'm going to make this offer available until July 5 at 10pm CDT. After that they go to Ebay. All the same shipping and payment conditions apply. Steve
  13. I have some Hermann Oak leather that I am going to sell. I am willing to sell a really good prices to folks here on leatherworker. If it doesn't sell here, off to Ebay it goes. Here's what I have. 2 Hermann Oak sides. I would consider them 'B' grade. They are 5/6 ounce and are 24/26 sq.ft. each. I am asking 175.00 each. 2 Hermann Oak backs. I would call these an really good B grade. They are 2/3 ounce and are both about 18 sq.ft. I am asking 140.00 ea. 1 Hermann Oak side, grade C. Not stiff like the other sides, 5/6 ounce, 24/26 sq. ft. I'd probably use it to make a bag where I was looking for that 'aged' look. Flesh side is rough, not smooth. I am asking 110.00 for this one. 2 Hermann Oak Sides, Chocolate Brown. These have some horizontal lines in them so I am going to call them B, B- quality. They are 5/6 ounce and average 24/26 sq.ft. I am asking 140.00 each. I am attaching pictures so you can see the grain texture on these hides. I will sell in the Continental United States only, no overseas or Canada...sorry. Shipping will be by UPS where available, and I'll charge actual cost, no surcharge for my time. Price of a box and whatever UPS charges for freight. Payment using Paypal only. I'll send you an invoice, you pay it, and it ships. If you need more info, send me a PM Steve
  14. I guess nobody has ever attended this event. I guess it is a bit off the beaten path in Ohio, so probably not a big draw. Since I'll be in the area on the days the auction is on, I provide some coverage and photos of what I see and hear. Stay tuned. Steve
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