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  1. I've purchased some from a forum member in Canada, and it's a joy to work with!
  2. Check out this awesome set of dividers I found at an Antique Mall in Mansfield, Texas! It's made by a company called Worth. I've never heard of that company before. Not sure just how old this tool is. It is about 8 inches long. It's in remarkably good condition and was only $7 bucks!! Does anyone have advice on how to preserve it? How to clean it up? It's not showing signs of rust, just a bit of pitting.
  3. I've been doing multimedia design since I got out of college in 2000. PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop design/retouching, some animation via After Effects, some on-screen graphics for live video broadcasts via Chyron Lyric 7.0, and other odd support jobs throughout.
  4. I've been thinking about making a sporran... Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Just got the Weaver #1 English strap end punch in the mail today. It's beautiful! Works like a charm! Thanks so much for the prompt service. I look forward to building up my tool count. Thank you, sir!
  6. Got a bit of an issue with your link there, Bruce... And I especially liked the description for the straining fork #2787...
  7. This waist cincher is my first official leather project! The stock is 5/6 ounce single shoulder from Springfield Leather. Dye is two tone black and mahogany Fiebing's oil-based dye, and finished with Fiebing's Acrylic Resolene. Edges slicked down with a bit of gum tragacanth and water. Back slicked down by Fiebing's tan kote. 1/4 inch antique nickel plate eyelets from Tandy, and black kangaroo lace from Springfield Leather.
  8. Got the package recently and have finally done some sewing. Lemme tell ya, that Tiger Thread is the best!! No wonder everyone recommends it!! Thanks for sending it my way so quickly. I'll be ordering some more soon! Thanks, cloverpatch!!
  9. Welcome! I'm looking to start my first tooling project as well.
  10. For those who want a good slab of granite and don't want to spend lots of money on store-bought slabs and shipping, do a Google search for local custom countertop installers or fabricators, i.e. the people who do the actual cutting. Big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe's simply order the sizes from these local installers. They don't have the equipment to do the cutting, so they won't have any remnants lying around. I found a local custom countertop installer in Dallas called Slab Fabricators. They have machinery for cutting and sculpting and such. I had a talk with the manager and he said feel free to raid the dustbin. Yes, I had to pull them out of the dumpster, but I found two very nice slabs of granite for free!! Next I went to Home Depot and found a rubber tile used for outdoor landscaping. Should deaden the shock effectively! And it was less than $8! In the attached photo, you can see the rubber tile under the big piece, which is at least 2 1/2 feet square. My keys on top should give some perspective as to the size.
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