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  1. I agree with this. It sounds like raw, not boiled. If it is, it will remain sticky. Do your best to remove it.
  2. electrathon

    Shoemaking video kickstarter!

    Contact Jason, he will likely let you buy it at the deal. He has been sending out updates as he gets more of the video work done. Very professional for a small scale video. His classes are great too if anyone is interested. His goal is simple shoemaking.
  3. electrathon

    Swivel knife with swivel blade maker?

    Leather Wranglers is one of the best. Bob Beard is the other best choice, but he makes limited quantities and they are hard to get.
  4. electrathon

    Awl Haft

    Use this: https://www.amazon.com/SE-841DH-Micro-Double-Ended/dp/B000RB5JJO/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1522781654&sr=8-8&keywords=pin+vise cut in half and glued in. I find they hold better than the Starret ones that are 4 time more money.
  5. electrathon

    Need Re-Soling advice Rocky Mt. Boots

    This is correct if the bottom sole and midsole are both damaged. If it is just the bottom sole it is a lot easier. If it is, you can carefully remove the bottom sole (there is a solvent) and then put on glue primer. Two layers of glue, then attach the sole. Trim off the excess with a belt sander and you are done. It is a lot more complicate if it is more than just the lower sole.
  6. electrathon

    Need Re-Soling advice Rocky Mt. Boots

    It depends on the style of sole that is on the boot. If it is flat glues on sole you likely can do it. If it is a molded sole it is not going to happen. Weldwood in not strong enough to hold it, Renia, masters or barge.
  7. electrathon

    Shoemaking video kickstarter!

    Go to Jason's website, the turn shoe DVD is available now. He produced it a couple years ago. The Boot DVD is the one he is currently making. His site is : laughingcrowe.com
  8. electrathon

    Shoemaking video kickstarter!

    I also know Jason. The videos he is producing are top notch. If you are looking to make a simple set of boots I highly recommend this video.
  9. electrathon

    Convert 208v 3 phase power source??

    Yes, replace the motor with a 120volt single phase (this is the common one) servo motor. You will get better slow stitching with the swap too.
  10. I am curios to hear how your experiment is going with a laser cutter? please get back to me on this!

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      did you get a K40 of some variation

    3. electrathon


      that is one of the variations of a k40 laser, there is a user group on google, if google k40 users group you find a lot of users there, I purchased the same know that I would be making upgrades to it, and still am working on some that renders a better machine.  Good luck with yours once you start working with it.

  11. The Bob Beard class is coming up very soon. If you are interested I can get a couple people into the class. Located in Portland Oregon, hosted at Oregon Leather. Contact me with any questions. Aaron
  12. electrathon

    Basket weave

    The pattern is cut, it is stamped in with the tool. Then you bevel. The tool comes as a set.
  13. electrathon

    Basket weave

    The guy is on facebook, the Pinterest image is of the tool. He makes a few different angles of the tool. I bought mine a couple years back and have not done any more than play a little with it. I just looked at the above link, that is the guy.
  14. electrathon

    Basket weave

    Could be. But if you look very close he would have had to turn his knife exactly the same and made intentional overcuts at a completely different angle than he was cutting at. Almost impossible to do, on purpose or accident. The imperfections are all in a straight line, as are the other imperfections. It looks to me like he was not that used to using the mini5 tool and got a little off on the alignment as he moves across the leather.
  15. electrathon

    Basket weave

    That looks like a mini5 basket stamp tool.