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  1. Slipangle you have no reason to thank me I'm the one who jumped of the cliff without a parachute. Your workmanship was never in question, your product is the best I've seen. This is not an excuse for my behaver but when a USA based seller tells us price USD it's usually a heart attack for most of us. At $36.00 USD in Canada that's ball park $50-60 with shipping. Thank you for accepting my apology.
  2. I will fully admit that I did lose my cool and I’m sorry for that. If you review my first post, I will state that I could have done a better job of making my point, and it was not proper for me to question the price Slipangle felt would be fair and cover his expenses and time. It may have served me better if I would have posted that I’ve made these for my own use and here’s what I did and it may save others a few bucks. That said, I did when I originally posted, and still do truly believe anyone on this site can make something of this sort with simple hand tools. Would it be as well done, who knows, but I’m sure it would serve the purpose. I think what set me off, and I’m not condoning my flip out, was that those who posted after my original post seemed to feel that I had insulted, their product, or their abilities because they chose to purchase rather than make. That was not my intent and I think they read way more into my post then were there. A simple statement that they just didn’t believe they have the equipment to attempt something like this would have sufficed. I felt like because my grandfather, father and I have over the years collected a large amount of equipment to operate cattle farm, that I was being told that I had somehow insulted others abilities and lack of equipment. My original post may have been badly thought out, and worded but I have no idea where that would have come from, and yes it set me off. Once again sorry for, yes my rant, and any offence to other posters. When I posted I seemed to have ruffled some feathers I should have had the common sense to walk away.
  3. Well that's going to be a little hard to do because this is a hobby and I don't sell anything. If some one takes a shine to something I've made they can have it. But if you want to buy a heifer or steer.... market price. Maybe you should be asking slipangle if after using this site to sell $144 of his product whether he pushed the donate button as a form of thanks for using the site for free marketing. Maybe some posters on this site should be reviewing the terms of use for the site, 'cause I don't recall anything that said "Feel free to market your business or products on our dime."
  4. Here's a little more reality, this is a site for the exchange of thoughts, instruction, and a host of techniques pertaining to leather crafting. I do not believe it is meant to be a free source to sell your wears. If you have a web site you many post a http to redirect to that site if you so wish, I believe is allowed. If member wishes to list used tools they no longer require that's fine it's a one time thing. You sir along with a number of other are showing new items that you are manufacturing and using the site to sell said items without paying this site for the privilege of doing so. And yes this thread is about something else entirely, you using it as a venue to sell your stuff on the cheap. Like Dwight has posted in another topic this site is becoming a catalog. What I posted is by far better suited to the intent of this site then free ads. Maybe one of the moderators would like to step in.
  5. This looks really good. I would agree with Goldlshot Ron that the details are not flowing, their just cuts. You may find his critique some what confusing, I would strongly suggest that you go to Paul Burnett's site and down load his Study Course, lesson 1,2,3. Opened my eyes! We all start cutting lines on patterns and not think about flow and creating depth. Look at the work of Hidepounder if you want to see flowing leather tooling that makes you want to run your fingers across it. Oh once you read Paul's work 12 times in a row, ' cause it will take that many times before it sinks in, then buy Bob Park's (Hidepounder) book and it will all fit together.
  6. Sorry to be a spoiler but $36.00? I guess I'm just an old farm boy with lots of equipment in the shop but this is something I made up in the shop in half an hour and $2.00 cost and my time. If you can do the leather work I've seen on this site I'm sure everyone on this site can figure this out.
  7. Mmmm I've seen something like this before, someone sent it to me. As always great info Dwight. Take care.
  8. Not a lot of Herman hides around here, use Tandy leather. You have to go in and pick your hide. A pile of twenty hides will have 3 or 4 really nice hides, and about the same number of hides with nice sections. I would never let a Tandy employ pick and ship, you'll get the next one on the top of the pile.
  9. Go to Tandy's site and you will find their video library at the bottom of the main page huge amount of info. Also find the library site you can get free patterns, cheap patterns, and all their books can be down loaded in pdf format and their cheap compared to store prices. Just set up an account and you're good to go. You're on the best site I know of on leather work, a large number of posts and helping hands on here. A large number of the people on this site are some of the best leather crafters in the world in my opinion.
  10. Switch to saddle needles and use an awl if your not already, plus what Clive said above.
  11. Looks good. Agree with Sceaden cut tighter to your stitch line and even it out. Find Hidepounders tech write up on finishing your edges it adds that final touch once their burnished.
  12. It clears not bad. The picture of the pistol in the holster is not exactly the best. I realized after that the gun was not all the way in. The rear adjustable sight actually sits just at the top edge of the pocket. I had attached a dowel from the front sight to the rear sight. I didn't do a great job of attaching it and during the molding it moved around so much I pulled it off. After stitching up the holster it was very tight so I wetted the front panel again and reworked the pocket, as well as strapped it down to get the overall curve as when I originally put on a belt and strapped on my hip the pistol was hard to pull from the holster. By rewetting this is solved and the gun fits snug but is easily pulled.
  13. Chiefjason Thanks for the comments. I think overall I made the sweat shield larger then needed and understand the point you've made. I thought about trimming it back once I finished the holster but I'll leave it as is and make another as some point.
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