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  1. Hi bitta, 

    I just read your reply in the shoe vs boot polish post. I take it your not a fan of sno seal and it not the first time I've heard bad things about it. What would he your recommendation for a good snow proofer fora Michigan winter and a good polish to keep my doc Martin's looking like new?




    1. Bitta


      If your Docs are a high shine boot, then Angelus or Lincoln wax polish since you're in a colder climate, For oil tans, Meltonian cream polish.   Sno Seal is processed with petroleum products according to their MSDS sheet so it's not as bad as some as some of the stuff that's loaded will silicone, but for a good weatherproofer, I'm a fan of Obenhauf's LP.   You can get Obie's from their website or most Cabela's carry it in their shoe dept.  Angelus you can get from their www.angelusdirect.com website or even Amazon.  Amazon or www/shoeshineexpress.com for the Meltonian and the Lincoln.  Just make sure your Docs are leather - a lot of them aren't these days :(

      For a mirror shine, buff with girls' microfiber tights...they are heavier material than womens and will work up a really nice shine quickly as long as you do multiple thin coats and don't buff off all your wax.  Never heat wax polish with a flame...it burns off the conditioners in it and will dry it out.  


    2. scottyslife


      Thanks for the info I've been lazy with the weather proofing so far this winter and with the foot and a half of snow out there last time I looked it's time. Last year's is still hanging in there and the polish doesn't have a scuff on it, well to my standards I'm picky, but I'm willing to bet your a perfectionists. I'm sure I could be too but I really don't need one more thing to be obsessive about thanks for the info when I get supplies and get them looking good I'll let you know how they turned out.




  2. Carson, those shoes are impressive no matter how long you have been at this! Regards, Scott
  3. Agreed, a very nice bag Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Bella I too am located south of grand rapids by about 45 miles. I have pick up leather crafting again after a 30+ year break lol. Without a bit of further info I am not sure if I would be able to help you, but please feel free to pm me and we can see if there is a possibility of working together. Regards, Scott
  5. I agree with moving the snap up a bit, and rounding corners. As far as sanding it is a must for a professional look but I sand then stitch, I never can seem to sand evenly to an existing stitch line lol. Regards, Scott
  6. I have a 1/4 inch set from harbor freight. Works great shouldn't stain your leather if cased properly. I don't remember what I paid but it was a fraction of what tandy or Springfield wanted. Good luck, Scott
  7. Ok no laughing, Google what ever you may want to tool coloring pages an example would be skull coloring page you will be amazed what you find. Regards, Scott
  8. Alex, I know I am coming to the ballgame extremely late here. I just wanted you to know I found the pattern on the bracelet to be very interesting and a creative way to used the camouflage tool for a uniqUe border idea,I believe my girlfriend would love it so if you don't mind I may steal it c fit a project inn the near future she loves fiebings ox blood dye with black antiqueing paste to highlight the tooling so again thanks for the idea one Christmas present down so many more to go lol Regards, Scott
  9. If you liked the Leodis videos, then I wood suggest checking out Nigel Armitage he is amazing at explaining the art of saddle stitching and as a bonus for you he is left handed. Your projects thus far look good Scott
  10. Well for what it's worth I have the opposite problem, i'm not a fan of whiney brass. I like a nice antique finish. That being said from my readings here, there and everywhere most brass hardware I have been reading about is lacquer finished so it won't tarnish. Don't take my word for it the best thing is to call Springfield and ask them. On a personal note I have been following your work and hope I can do as well when I grow up Scott And that should be shiny brass stupid kindle lol Scott
  11. Your very talented, the originality and creativity is outstanding. Welcome.to lw Scott
  12. Hmmm heat gun hair dryer maybe I made a sheath from the video and I did harden nicely with the forced drying, and with that I am out of.ideas lol Scott
  13. Ion Atkins has a video on making a spider friction sheath in that video he dries the leather in the oven after molding. Take a look at the youtube video maybe it will help. Scott
  14. I want to say I saw one in passing on Springfield's site. I could be wrong it's happened before. Scott
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