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Greetings All ; Let us introduce ourselves,
Im, Wild Bill46, and my wife is Shirley, Im a retired Sign Artist/Locksmith/School Maintenance. We live in the Mountains of N.W. Georgia,
We are Harley Davidson motorcyclists, and ride these mountains avidly.
We found leathercrafting and now Leatherworker.net, In looking for another something we could do together,
especially during inclimate weather. The clientel here at LWN seems extremely talented, savy, congenial too.
We found we love working in this vast craft, and most likely will continue doing it till our savior calls us home.
Now, during inclimate weather, or just waiting until Jesus calls, we can work/play in this craft, and when its nice outside we can ride our bike in the mountains.
What more can a couple ask for ? Thank you all for allowing us to share this with, ya'll.

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