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  1. Hey Frodo, That's lookin soft, and luxurious my friend, And I'll bet GOD likes it too !
  2. These were my thoughts also fredk, but I myself was not entirely sure it would work either ! But Biffula it might be worth a try ?
  3. Your a funny, funny, man Dwight my friend. Wife and girlfriend in the same sentence, Daring Huh, Funny ?
  4. I find that sometimes my cut lines are too shallow, as, I'm interpreting you to say too. I try not to stop anymore than necessary and keep the blade going same depth , at the ends I kind of lessen the cut pressure to taper my cut upward to a stop but even that takes lots of practice and I'm not too well versed at it either But, I keep trying !. Maybe that might help ?
  5. Wild Bill46

    I made a hat

    Im Late as usual: But, man that's really, really nice, Frodo The turquois does make it pop ! Been thinking Ide make a top hat, haven't yet though, But, I do want to, and soon I hope ! Congratulations !!!!!!!
  6. Another late reply BUT: That's just too beautiful to not stop and give cudo's Yes, alot of work with veg tan is where my eyes are at. very, very well executed !!!!
  7. I'm posting a bit late here, BUT that's some great looking work ! And you can pass that on to your buddy, from me . Nice, nice, nice.
  8. I think the word I'm looking for is " Exquisite," very nicely done ! your a natural for leatherwork !
  9. Really smooth, Nice work, but then you always do !
  10. As always Chuck, you came through in a mighty way ! I like the whole Enchilada
  11. Yes, I think a groove would better serve you for all holsters, and a finger notch out would also improve your overall designs. but in the light of simplicity this DOES NOT look bad to me at all ! As with most all of us we use the theory of - practice, practice, practice - normally.
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