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  1. Awe Man That's Nice, Really Nice,
  2. I like it, Nice work !
  3. Its a Natural ! looks like they were made for one another, I'll say balanced. Nice work, Now, you gonna have a nice summer !
  4. Yup ====== Here it is again, and still a beautiful piece !
  5. I too think your very talented, nice pieces !
  6. Those are nice ideas put together for stamping, I like it, and yeah I like natural and black together as a contrast. As a whole it all works together. Good going Frodo
  7. Very Nice, The Brown/Black contrast is timely, then the diamond shape around the snakeskin inlay sets it apart. Genious ! this is what i refer to as seamless,------------------ great work !
  8. Yup=== Absolutely a beautiful piece, you defanetely do craftsmanship work !
  9. YUP, DittO Grandma will certainly be happy, and so am I for seeing a work of beauty, as Tugadude says a Signature. and if you don't mind I'de like to use (your signature here and there myself) ? and too, the bag in my opinion is a nice variation from the norm .Nice work Fraulein !
  10. Wild Bill46


    Wow, Very Cool Frodo ! (wish I was that proficient)
  11. Very unique, I like it, What dimintions are we looking at ?
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