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  1. Wild Bill46

    Sheridan tote bag

    Gorgeous piece ! every aspect looks great ! Your not headed to the big leagues though ? YOUR ALREADY THERE ! Great work !!!!!!!
  2. I really do like all I've seen pertaining to this Bag. Thank you HAHN, for sharing with all of us !
  3. Yep me too ! I think it was a good, decent thing in trying to show others a nice easy way to handle this task. Thanx Pete. I too will be making one for myself ! Leather and a few screws ? I think I might screw to a 2x6 board with a leg and on a hinge under my bench, always @ the ready
  4. Wild Bill46


    Utah Leather I have been watching Mary Seville. II you are already a member of Facebook, look up (The Leather Tamers) also goes by (Leather Beast) on You Tube. She has some good ideas. and new and interesting topics every few days or so. Join her posts and maybe she has what your looking for ? -------- Good Luck ! ________________ Wild Bill46
  5. Wild Bill46

    dopp kit 2

    Smooth, Clean looking
  6. Wild Bill46

    Staining/antiquing techniques

    Now thats GEORGIOUS ! I think there are several new and different Fiebing Antique colors now ?
  7. Wild Bill46

    New Workbench Help

    Could you use the longer horizontal hooks and lay less weighty Masonite shelfs on those ?
  8. Wild Bill46

    Flat Plait, Slotted Plait, Indian Chief...

    Very welcome, glad I could help !
  9. Wild Bill46

    Flat Plait, Slotted Plait, Indian Chief...

    From your referenced picture, as I understand it, its also refered to as ... Blood knot YouTube - UK saddlery, has a tutorial - entitled dog leash, and another called laced reigns as I recall. using this braid. Hope this might help in your search ?
  10. Wild Bill46

    stamping logo on leather

    Thank you so much for such a quik reply FredK, will keep this in mind and reference. I also hope, it might help others along the way. Again Thank You ______ Wild Bill
  11. Wild Bill46

    stamping logo on leather

    Please, If you don't mind ? Post the name and address for many of us here to use, and or inquire. Don't think it infriges on anything. Thanx a million __________ Wild Bill
  12. Wild Bill46

    Our most popular stamps

    I too would like you to send a stamp catalog to shubbs66@gmail.com. Thank you so much !
  13. Wild Bill46

    Soooooo busy

    Nice works ---- I think I like bespoken best.