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  1. I like this design very much , Really nice work !
  2. Wild Bill46

    Vows books

    Really nice thought, and beautifully executed !
  3. Your craftsmanship has done it again ! Really, really fine Chuck !
  4. I'm an instant fan, Looks great !
  5. Haden't thought of the bookmarker at the top ( As it appears here ) idea seems Quick, Snazzy, Sharp ! if you don't mind ? I'm gonna do some too, fusing your lead.
  6. Yes , seems as though many of us make our own needed tools, And I assume many are from akin backgrounds, such as wood metal, etc, I too, am among those, made mine with similar mods many years ago..
  7. Aah, are these from remnants ? Nice way to use scraps up ! And is nicely done !
  8. Really Nice craftsmanship
  9. I second all replys, Really Nice
  10. Wild Bill46


    All in all your friend is lucky to have you by his side in his unfortunate accident ! And your work is a very nice jesture from yourself !
  11. Yea Man welcome , Again, really nice work on both
  12. Great looking for sure !!! Like Chuck the lacing is not seen much these days, and you did it WELL ! Come to think of it, I do recall a Bruce Cheney video for wide lace stitching, but I think it was of a knife sheath ? Was worth watching though.
  13. I too, like it very much.
  14. YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's really, really nice Chuck ~ Have you a name for it ? if not , maybe Scrappy ??? HOHOHO !
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