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  1. Thanks, so next time just try the way I do it, bottom first then one side at a time. Would like to know if it workes better for you. Take care Panther
  2. Monica, sorry for the delay. life has a way of sending one in other directions. Anyway here are two of my bags....the first is a gift which now resides in Greece and the second one is my computer case. As you can see things like the pockets and the d-ring holder are attached before I lace or sew the body. Have any questions I'll try to answer as best as I can. Panther
  3. Monica, I get that this was painfull for you but I'm having a hard time understanding why. Here is how I do my bags.......if the strap is to be stitched on I do it before the gusset is attached to the body. then I stitch the bottom of the gusset to the body. next starting from the right or left I stitch from where I left off stitching at the bottom and stitch up to the top then do the other side the same way. What helps me some times is to use a thin line of glue on one side to attach the gusset to the body to help the alinement of the holes then the otherside just falls into place as I stitch. Not sure if this helps you but then I'm not sure what your process is. Panther
  4. Bobocat is a member of this forum and has posted here, just not lately. If I recall he did this dash last year. His work is always outstanding. Look him up here or on facebook to see more of his work. Panther
  5. I like it very much.Great use of your carving skills and dye.Makes me want to sit down and have a conversation with him. Nicw job! Panther
  6. They are beautiful. The customer should be well pleased. Panther
  7. I just bought arbalet12's book of "Kazah Baroque" sketches/patterns. They are absalutly beautiful!!!! He renders them in a way that they almost seem 3D. If you look at the cover of his book, the patterns are just like that without the boarder. He does have two or three patterns that are just line drawings out of the fifty some patterns. They give you a clear idea how to carve them. He also gives them in a format that lets you resize them for your needs. I hightly recommend you add them to your patterns. They are well worth the price!! If you have not seen his work and don't want to search this site, go to http://www.rbn.kz ,this is his web site, to see his beautiful work. After dealing with bank fees( $$$$) to transfer payment,I told him about the fees, so he set up an ebay account so I could buy his book that way. So if you want his book just PM him and he'll set up an ebay account so you can buy it and download the book. No fees ! Again beautifuly done by this wonderful artist and well worth the price!!! Panther
  8. HI and welcome to the best leather craft site on the net. upload a few pictures of your work. we would love to see them. Panther
  9. nice job! love the steampunk look. Panther
  10. great start. keep it up. did you do the stitching by hand? well done if you did. Panther
  11. ARBALET12, Are you posting this book for sale? If so I am intereasted and is it $50 us? Panther
  12. somehow your strap was not posted. Panther
  13. Good start.... on your wifes bracers, the thread is too thin and seems kind of lost.I would use leather laceing or thicker thread. or useing the same thread go thru the holes two or three more times. It will have a more finished look. Cut the furrels off of the shoe laceing-- a bit of glue on the ends will keep it togather then dye the laceing or use leather laceing instead. lets see more of your work as you go. Panther
  14. Clean design, outstanding braiding as always. Just noticed the two dots and one slash mark in the design--- any reason why or am I making something out of nothing? Panther
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