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  1. This is fantastic! It looks great!
  2. TRHLeather

    Sun/moon Mask

    Made a mask for my sister for her birthday. Wet formed the mask with some white glue in the water to make it set up harder then painted it and played with the airbrush a little.
  3. Thanks Monica. A stiffener would also help it hold it's shape a little better. Mark, I love the look of the cork.
  4. A day late, a dollar short....the story of my life lol. I managed to put the finishing touches on this tonight. I showed a few people the in progress piece while I was partially finished the airbrushing and I have a few people asking for one for them.
  5. I have a couple of blocks made up with stick on sanding discs at 150 grit. It just removes the little bumps and peaks from cutting. It took me a while to start sanding but it has made a drastic improvement on my finished product.
  6. Any more updates on these? I would love to see them installed.
  7. I like the idea of of the cross stitch inlay. Another piece of constructive criticism, try some sandpaper on the edges. It not only takes off any bumps where you cut but will even out the two layers of leather. Nice job!
  8. That's a really nice sheath. I have yet to try my hand at a sheath but it's coming in the future.
  9. Had a request for a custom, Batman case for an Iphone 6. Came up with this.
  10. TRHLeather

    Owl Mask

    I just finished making an owl mask for a friend of mine for her birthday. It's 4oz veg tanned, wet formed and dyed with Fiebings tan and painted over with Cova colour.
  11. So I'm a day late this month.Ran into some complications getting my sewing machine to work with my new 277 thread. This is only the second thing I have actually sewn other than test pieces. More practice is definitely required.
  12. I had a similar problem except mine was because the clearance between the bobbin case and that plate was too close. The dimensions were not exactly the same because I ordered the Ebay/chineese part instead of the Pfaff part (almost $200 cheaper). It used to tie the most incredible giant balls of thread. I actually had to lower the whole assembly by making shims to get the clearance. I'm glad you finally figured it all out. Good luck sewing!
  13. Thanks for the responses. Sven willibefamous, Sorry, this was all freestyle. I wet formed the multitool section and started building layers from there. I usually sketch and plan and cut out paper templates, but with this project, I just started cutting leather and let it develop.
  14. What can I say, I like to have a tool for every occasion with me wherever I am. I started with the multitool and grew from there. Now I have: Victorinox Swisstool - my multitool of choice Fisher space pen - for all my underwater/space writing needs Fenix E05 - great AAA flashlight Tweezers Nail clippers - also for thread and stuff Titanium Comb - because titanium is great
  15. When I started stitching, I bought an awl and stitching wheel from Tandy and assumed it was sharp enough. I quickly became frustrated and gave up and used my pricking iron to drive all my holes. Receintly, I have done a lot more reading and realized that even though i thought my awl was sharp, it was not even close to being sharp enough. I watched a really great video on youtube where Nigel Armitage shows you how to spend hours sharpening your awl. At first this seemed crazy to spend all that time doing it but it really is the trick to making awl work less painful and more productive. If your awl seems like it is too sharp, it's probably not sharp enough.
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