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    ACcount Delete

    Require account delete for personal privacy: Admin please delete this account.
  2. Velict

    Sailrite ultrafeed LSZ-1 or LS-1

    Sorry to resurrect a dead topic, but I was wondering about the longer-armed 388z version of the 288z and what sailrite accessories are compatible with it. I'm pretty much looking for the power wheel, belt, feet / feed dogs and motor. Also, a tray... not sure what tray to get for the 388z.
  3. Velict

    Yamata Fs-388Z

    I actually read that same topic, but they're talking about the 288z. i'm looking at the 388z because it has a bit longer arm. I'll post in there.
  4. Velict

    Yamata Fs-388Z

    you're a god, i was watching for some information.
  5. Velict

    Yamata Fs-388Z

    thank you! Google is not helping at all :D
  6. Velict

    Yamata Fs-388Z

    Hello all! I just bought a yamata FS-388z. It's great for the price! I didn't need any sort of "enthusiast" class machine, and this is perfectly fine. I was wondering about the modifications that can be done to it, though. I heard that the sailrite ls-1 was a clone of the fs-288. What about the 388z, and it's clone? I wanted to purchase a monster II clutch, and some other feet. What information do you guys have about compatible upgrades with the fs-388z? I'm looking for feet, dogs, clutch, motor, anything else you can think of. Thank you in advance!
  7. Velict

    Choosing The Right Machine

    I've decided to go with a Yamata FS-388z. It's chinese, but after researching here, people say that all you gotta do is upgrade the motor from someone reputable, and a monster II from sailright for it.
  8. Velict

    Choosing The Right Machine

    I actually found a 111w155 in florida for 500 bucks, with motor and recently maintained. I've heard this is the holy grail of machines.
  9. Velict

    Choosing The Right Machine

    Hhmm, I don't think I will go above 3/8 inch in thickness.. I've seen the video on Sailrites youtube page of them doing 8 layers of vinyl, which is wayyy more than i'll be doing. I think my problem will be doing on top stitches, because i want to do a european stitch
  10. Hello all! I'd like to introduce myself. I'm extremely new to leather work and vinyl work. I work with the USAF as an Avionics Technician on the B-1, F-16, B-2 and various other aircraft. I have a healthy background in electrical and computer engineering and maintenance. Currently I live in Japan, and I was lucky enough to come across a very rare care in the United States; an R32 gtr. So far, the car seems to be in good condition, even the interior is very nice for 25 year old car. It does have some cosmetic problems, and of course I want to do a custom interior retrim. I'm completely capable of trial and error, and taking my time with especially large projects such as an interior retrim. So I've been doing as much research as I can, and I decided to make an account here to get a first hand opinion from you guys. Currently, I've researched about the most prominent walking foot sewing machines, since I'll mostly be sewing vinyl. I've heard of the headaches that are solved by using a walking foot. I looked for pricing on the singer 111 series, and noticed that most of the pricing with motors and table almost always equal the price of a brand new Sailrite LS-1 basic. I've seen a few singer 95-15 around sewing leather, but how well does it honestly work with folded layers of vinyl and foam? I feel that it's a bit incredible that most of these older sewing machines, or general "used" new sewing machines are over 800 dollars. I feel that 600 USD for a brand new LS-1 is acceptable, but I was wondering what other machines I could use with heavy automotive / marine vinyl. Specifically, some allsport 4 way and some thick carpeting / foam padding. What other machines can you think of that don't break the bank? I'd say the main reason i'm looking for a ~600 maximum is because I would pay for someone to take the time and ship it to me (ie: paying extra for your efforts, plus the shipping cost). Of course, if push comes to shove, if anyone is in Florida, I can get one of my buddies to pick it up and ship it to me. What are y'alls opinion on my machine choices?