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  1. For spinning wool, to properly pare long-wools, I use wool combs, either two or 4 pitch. The combs are fairly dangerous if you aren't paying attention, and are hard to take around to classes etc. My first leather project was a small set of covers for some mini-combs (top.) The red ones I made this weekend. Still lots of errors but I think I've improved.
  2. Thank you all for the information. I need to find where to get the glycerine bars. I did order a stamp on Etsy, came pretty quickly (a little over 2 weeks from Bulgaria.) I thought it would be bigger, but even so its pretty cool: This is all random, was trying to see how many times I should hit it with my light weight mallet to get a good impression. Now I want to make some Game of Thrones stuff and stamp all of it with this :D
  3. I had not thought about that, though the reels are fine soaking wet, and if you have cork breaks its no issue at all. All mine are cork, I am not a fan of listening to mechanical brakes whine.
  4. I have some Ross Reels' that are retired. The most delicate one is a 3 wt San Miguel. I think one day I will make a case, but I would line it with shearling. I'm really curious how you'll proceed. I want to make a leather cover for mine. (Mine are Thomas and Thomas Vector and retired LPS rods.) All the T&Ts come in a thick aluminum case.
  5. Just wanted to add they updated their website, it now reflects the military discount.
  6. I bought the Slim blade (and holder) from Douglas tools. Its amazing.
  7. If you are a veteran you can take a DD214 or VA card, etc, to Tandys and get wholesale pricing. That might be helpful when getting started with veg tan etc.
  8. Very newbie here. I bought a restored head knife from Mr Douglas of Douglas Tools in Wyoming. Crazy sharp. Also bought an edger and his slim awl. Incredible tools.
  9. No, never jump or fast rope in those, you'll break legs, hip or back. I had Corcoran boots and was in 101st Airborne Division and we did not ever jump in those. They have no give to them. One guy in my battalion jumped in they and broke three vertebrae. Those are dress boots for inspections, dog and pony shows, and special events of parade and manual of arms or D and C. I jumped in jungle boots that I had taped, internally, duct tape ankle support.
  10. Hi! I am a newbie, have 4 dopp kit bags and a couple of bags under my belt. Each has many errors but I improve with each one, so I can live with that. My biggest problem area is I am terrible at dyeing and edge finishing. Other hobbies are spinning silk and wool, fly fishing, and cooking. Penny
  11. Yes. Once you finish putting in the zipper and cutting out the 2x2 corners, you trim two and add them. Ty for your kind comments.
  12. I made three Dopp Kit bags for the guys on my team. I like how they came out but I need to get better at edge dying. Got the pattern via a tutorial on reddit's leathercrafting group. I made some error filled bags before, these are the first things I made that I am happy with. For myself I bought a Douglas Saddle Company slim awl with Becote wood handle. My first really good tool.
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