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  1. My wife and I managed to escape from socal 12 years ago. And leaving was probably the best decision I ever made, as far as quality of life! But one thing you have to give the LA area is that there are enough people there to make it feasible to pursue just about any business venture you can dream up and have some level of success. There are so many potential customers that your marketing is the key, not necessarily your idea. I think that a leather craft school could do very well. You can include ties to the garment industry but I wouldn't forget about gun leather, motor cycle gear and even horse tack. Dan
  2. Hi dgkfit, It's now Monday morning so I'm sure you will be able to contact someone at Leather Machine Co. But.. I bet you could have gotten hold of someone there yesterday too. Spectacular service is part of what you end up buying from them and the other sponsors here. Back to your problem, this is almost 100% certain to be due to you not holding the top thread tight enough for the first several stitches, at least 3, 4 or more won't hurt. Voice of experience, and I note that it has already been mentioned in this thread too. As far as adjusting the bobbin tension. Well, there's a tension adjustment screw there, and it does need to be set correctly. But it is also, based on experience, the last thing to touch when experiencing a tension problem. The bobbin just needs enough tension to slightly resist the thread being pulled out. As far as the adjustment screw, there is a LOCK screw too. Loosen the lock screw, make whatever tiny adjustment needs to be made to the bobbin tension (I use a jewelers screwdriver for this) and then tighten the lock screw back up. Hope that helps! Dan
  3. Thanks for that comment Bob. Steve ships with it turning in the right direction. He has to, since he ships his machines with a pretty impressive piece of sample sewing still in place. If the motor somehow resets itself to default during shipping (probably during the unplug and then plug back in process) there's not much he can do until he hears about the problem. I'm with Darren, Steve should have been the first to hear about this. He would have walked the user through fixing it AND it would have given him info to potentially prevent the same thing from happening to the second user. Dan
  4. It keeps changing itself to show only unread content from BSDM I delete the BSDM entry, leaving the field blank and save it. But it comes back. Thanks, Dan
  5. I''m not sure about the stains, since I've never gotten any, but the blue tint will go away when you apply some neats foot oil to the leather. It should turn a deep deep black when oiled. Dan
  6. Hold the top thread tight for the first few stitches. That should take care of the problem.
  7. Uwe, I'm looking forward to the write up and parts lists. This looks like fun. Dan
  8. The ties used on saddles are usually latigo and 6/7 seems about the right thickness. You could go thinner, especially for your application. 4/5 would probably work just fine. Dan
  9. You do not need to re-tighten these. This tie is the weakest link in the system that holds a saddle on a horse. It's strong and it stays tight. Dan
  10. Take a look at the method used to tie a latigo onto a saddle. http://www.western-saddle-guide.com/attach-a-latigo.html Your not likely to tighten your belt as much as you do a latigo Dan
  11. A Beretta mag measures Thickness, 0.805 - 0.816 running up and down the length of the mag. That's a mag that's been loaded for a couple months. Width, 1.255 as near as I can tell. Kind of hard to judge cause of the angle. From the top of the baseplate to the top of the feed lips, 4.6" Dan
  12. When the lever is roughly centered, the stitch length is 0 The farther towards the bottom the lever is, the langer the stitch length. The numbers are a rought guide only. Moving the lever above the center '0' mark puts the feed mechanizm into reverse Dan
  13. Hi MudBugWill, I'm interested in one of those blades. How much are you charging? Thanks, Dan
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