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  1. That is just amazingly intricate! Greg
  2. Pretty slick! Looks a lot easier than the Tandy lace maker, huh?
  3. I had the same problem, several times over the past couple weeks actually. They have no webmaster contact link either, which is a big goof I think. I had trouble with seeing some of Tandy's sale items last week and emailed them. They rep that replied was unsure of what I meant but forwarded my email to the IT dept. By the time I got that email from him the IT guys had the problem resolved. That's good e-commerce!
  4. Very cool design and a beautiful tool to boot!
  5. I've always thought that public service should be that, ie voluntary and not paid. Let's face it, a lot of the blame lays on folks. They took out loans they couldn't afford on houses they couldn't afford. And I really think a lot of those property flipper want-to-be's are a big part of this problem, too. Heck, look at all the stupid TV shows that were developed focusing on it during the real estate boom. I have no facts on that, just a gut feeling. The CEOs of these failed businesses should be held accountable: investigated, exposed, charged, tried and convicted (if warranted, which I expect would be the case in the majority of them). To think that you run a company into the ground, loose countless amounts of hard working people's hard earned savings and they walk away with millions from it. Well, words can't describe how it makes me feel, at least not ones that I will allow myself to say.
  6. What a great thread! I've found thrift stores good suppliers for hardware and things, too. Occasionally I've found real leather handbags/purses and belts that are in good condition for $1-2. I/d getting ready to de-construct a purse to make a business card holder for my son and a coin purse for a co-work of my wife's. I suspect many of you have heard this idea but some may have not: use bandannas for linings. They come in a myriad of colors/designs, are readily available and cheap. Obviously they aren't the best choice of all projects but are dandy for many, Can't wait to see more suggestions. I am a lover of all things savings/re-purposing related (my family calls that being a 'cheapo'; I call it resourceful! ) Greg
  7. I, too, love the color and mix of textures. The lacing is real nice (I am learning to look at these types of things thanks to this board). Was that made for someone in particular or just as a "project"? Just wondering. Greg
  8. Just at the ER last night and had a great experience, for going to the hospital, you know. That is up to time to discharge me. I never saw the doc. The nurse was in and out in less than 90 seconds before sending me out in a wheelchair via orderly. They took no medication history and gave me a scrip from a med that I know doesn't play nicely with my regular meds. I didn't sign out and got no release counseling for my injury. Needless to say I was less than thrilled with that episode. However, the folks up to that point (PA, ultra sound and x-ray tech, guy that wheels you from point A to point B, what ever his title, etc.) were all great.
  9. I'm still real new at this, too. But what I've tried with decent, I reckon, success is rubbing a piece of canvas (cut from a nail apron in appropriate size) with saddle soap. The canvas and leather naturally contour "just right" in my hand and then I start a rubbing. As I said, results are pretty good I think and with practice I hope to be even better. I just tried the saddle soap out of curiosity; no one recommended it that I can recall. I have been told beeswax does a real fine job but haven't tried it yet. As mentioned before, spit works pretty good, too. But I have to agree that leather definitely smells and feels better than it tastes! I just got an edge slicker/bone folder like Tandy sells yesterday but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
  10. Very cute, Art! Nice way to lighten up the discussion. Ya gotta laugh sometimes in order not to cry (or something like that! )
  11. My 1/2 cent: - that Bowie knife looks great but I can't see it as practical. I think you agreed in thought with that though. I think the system you came up with to hold the knife/sheath close is very ingenious but, as you alluded to, a pain to actually take on/off. - the other one is really nice! It looks great and very usable to me. I think he'll be very pleased. Did I miss-read that this one was going to be a horizontal carry sheath? Looks vertical to my untrained eye. Nice job over all I think on them both. God Bless, Greg
  12. But he sure was easy to find hiding under the bed! Oh, I can actually see me doing that one! Greg
  13. I believe the amount was $10,000 per person, not $1 million. Never the less, ash can the bail out, time for folks and business to be responsible for their own actions. But if they INSIST in the money, just send my the 40K for my family directly to me. And make it in a money order, don't want to have to worry about the check bouncing!
  14. Oh, I forgot this one: - the awl pierces the thumb much easier than it does the leather (thus giving one that cool-blood-effect on the leather )
  15. Nope, but it does make for a pretty cool effect.
  16. The only thing I can say is read the book of Ezekiel and see if it doesn't remind, just a bit, of our country's current course and possible future one, too. Our values and morales have fall completely to the way-side. We are a nation of greedy me,me,me peoples. And we are terrible idolaters, worshiping everything (money, career, sports, Hollywood, etc.) except for the One we should be turning to in faith for guidance and help. God help and save us all.
  17. Truly a work of art! That is one of the (many) things I aspire to make in the future. Thanks for sharing it. Greg
  18. Very sharp! The beads and Indian head snap really do set it off. Well worth the extra time and effort you put into it, IMHO. Greg
  19. What a great idea! Ed, how do you go about hardening them? I am in the process of experimenting with using some key chain fobs to stamp logos of a certain brand that I'd like on a thing or two. I don't know how legal (or illegal) it is since I plan on using them for myself and not selling them. So far, after one try, I've little success but experimenting is part of the fun, to see what works and what doesn't.
  20. Very nice! I really like the design. Your own I presume?
  21. I don't own a head knife yet so I'll try to remember that onw. Unfortunatly I think I've already done all the others!
  22. Upon completing my first few projects. I have the following observations/lessons learned: - Ah, I see that tooling does indeed stretch leather! Now adhering it to something makes sense. - The swivel knife truly does have a life of its own. And an ornery personality! - Pre-punching stitching holes with your awl is a waste of time (wish I'd had Al's book before I tried that). - So, that's what under-cutting is? - Dye over rides highlighting stain. - I need the right tools. - Back stitches do come out if not glued or something. - Scribe lines for finding center much lighter than you think you need to. That is a good start. I'm sure that there'll be more to come!
  23. Once I get a 'real' awl , I'll make sure I do!
  24. Thanks for the tips. I am waiting on a copy of the book mentioned as we speak. I plan to go through the older posts, too, as time allows. On the Zippo case I used button and craft thread. I don't think it was the best choice but I had it on hand! LOL The photo is really bad quality (cell phone camera) but you can get a vague idea how it turned out.
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