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  1. I love the possibles pouch...Fairly easy to make and the flap affords room for tooling in one is so inclined. Nice job.
  2. Hey y'all, So, I am a first time teacher and I was given an opportunity to use leather craft as an enrichment project. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to find an easy way to implement a computer program to make templates. If you have any suggestion please let me know...after all, I'm attempting to create a new generation of leathercrafters!
  3. Love it! I love breathing in the fresh air!
  4. These are so cool. I will be trying that splatter technique in the near future.
  5. Hey there, Here is cell phone sleeve, a few balisong sheaths and a bracelet. That little owl was a pain!
  6. Wow! Now I see why the edges are so well done. I just made a burnisher for my dremel and it saves some time...great work!
  7. I agree. Do you use a dremel or do it by hand?
  8. Not to bad. Did you burnish it when it was still wet? When I do a knife wet mold I i wrap my knife in then plastic, wet my leather, then staple my leather to a board and work the leather over and over with a spoon and molding tool. I always let it dry at least a day before I build the rest of the sheath. Oh, and how do you like the RAT II? I am a balisong guy, but I've been wanting a nice folder for my EDC. Good job, bro.
  9. Dang! You can't beat maple when it come to durability and looks. I really want to try making one some day. How does it cut? Nice job.
  10. I can't tell if people's responses are meant to be condescending or not. I seem to get a few every time I make a new pic post. Then, I go and look at their work and I get it.
  11. Hey there, I look at lacing as more of decorative option rather than a solidified bonding technique. You can't beat the saddle stitch, as far as function goes. In addition, leather lacing can be brittle, so I rarely use it as a stitching option. Plus, I get to practice with both techniques in a single project. Thanks for lookin. VT
  12. Hey gentle people, Due to a recent interest in my butterfly knife sheaths people have been requesting other items. I ,naively, agreed to make a customer a trifold wallet without buying a template. Also, I agreed to use a money clip that he sent me from another wallet, as he is not a fan of most traditional money clips. I ran into numerous issues regarding width and finding a way to tool his initials; written in his hand writing. I have made a few card holders and minimalists wallets, but this was tough. If I start getting more wallet orders I will definitely order one of those plastic templates from Ebay. As far the sheath, I am pretty happy with it, but it was the first time tooling this figure, so my muscle memory was not quite there. Also, the displayed knife IS NOT the knife that this sheath is made for. I took some criticism from another member on my last post about retention; I can assure anyone looking, my sheaths carry and protect the knives they are meant for. Thanks for lookin.
  13. Here are two more headed out. One of them was very simple and the other was very difficult. The sheath with the strap was requested by a customer, personally I think it's a bit clunky.
  14. Hey, are you the gentlemen who has the "free style leather" video on youtube?
  15. I used to this a lot when I first started, as I had no idea where to find leather. Also, I had no idea about the various properties and purposes of/for all the various types of leather. As a newb, I thought, "leather is leather". I still buy up old jackets to use the pieces as inlays, tinder pouches, linings and arrow quivers. I've also made some really nice pencil roll cases with re-claimed leather...only warn leather has that "warm" glow to it. Anyway, great find!
  16. You seem to have strong opinions; which you are entitled to. The first sheath is NOT made for the knife you see. It is custom made for a balisong called a Tank-Bali that is MUCH bigger than my Hom Design Basilisk. In addition, the second sheath has a large pocket clip in the back, thus the retention is very tolerant; particularly when wearing a belt. These knives, and the knives owned by my customers start at $300.00 and go up from there, and I make it a point that these knives are well protected. I make each and every sheath specific to the measurements of the knife and I make each and every design to the liking of the customer. Furthermore; your "sight" is limited to a few snapshots, so please do not question my ability to meld ascetics with function. Im sorry, but that's the way I see your comment. VT
  17. Yes, and it is unfortunate. People should always know their state knife laws though, because some state have wonky ones. There are states that allow the ownership of a butterfly knife, but carrying one is illegal.
  18. I know. It's very sad that some people (politicians) view these elegant tools as gangster accessories. On the forums I belong to I see numerous people from all over the world attempting to acquire balisongs, or attempting to influence politicians to change the laws that hinder their desire to own a high quality and functional knife. Being a Vermonter, I have only recently come to appreciate how great our gun and knife laws are.
  19. Here is another sheath headed out. I've been toying with sunburst. The last image is of an impromptu sheath I made for kicks and giggles.
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