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  1. Thanks I'll look things over good again but it's been a gradual more occasional thing especially with thick pieces but recently it's gotten bad and consistent. Might have to give them a call.
  2. I am getting varying stitch lengths with my Cobra 4. When I first start a stitch the stitches will be longer and then get closer as I sew along. Also as the stitches have gotten shorter when I reverse to back stitch the stitches are long again and don't follow the stitches on the backstitch. I was first thinking it was the leather and was getting some slipping and not feeding but sewing slow I can't notice any slipping it's almost like it's actually changing the stitch length as I sew. Can someone tell me what to look for? Thanks for any help.
  3. I ordered mine in January and got it a couple weeks ago so maybe yours wont be too long now. Luckily my order was on a shipment before the earthquake.
  4. Wow, turned out nice! I like the black and grey. When I saw the title of the thread I expected the stingray part to be black.
  5. I use 8-9 oz for 90% of gun leather and knife sheaths since most of my gun leather is period stuff and is not lined. If it's a lined pouch I will use lighter weights to get 8-10 oz when I'm finished
  6. I'll vouch for the Barbours linen thread also. I use in on almost all my gun rigs.
  7. Dave, that is very nice. You both did a terrific job.
  8. When I first used it I had that concern, it does not penetrate as deep as other finishes but I've got it on a gun rig I've used for two years hunting and demonstrating at shows and it's holding up pretty well. The person that ordered that rig saw that one of mine when he ordered it, he's going to keep me updated on how the finish holds up.
  9. I'm still experimenting with the antique gels. I just used the dark brown on this holster and belt and it turned out very dark also, to the point I was worried. What I did was spray it with bag kote and rubbed off until I got it closer to what I was looking for. I did not wait long and did it as soon as the antique was no longer tacky. I hit it with a rubbing of bag kote the next day and no more came off so I'd say you want to get it rubbed off pretty soon.
  10. I cut the index finger and middle finger tips out of a pair of leather gloves.
  11. I just had Jeff make me another one, top notch.
  12. Thanks for that info on the searches, that will come in very handy.
  13. Many of the people that really know and can tell the difference in quality custom work can make their own.
  14. Which is the correct side (if there is one) to have the anvil on a copper rivet on say a cartridge belt? Does the anvil go on the inside or the outside of the item? I've looked at many pics of older belts and other items that have copper rivets and noticed them both ways. So is there a right way and a wrong way or one way that was historically used most? Thanks for any replies.
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