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  1. Hello again Dave.... How are you?

  2. Hello Dave I just found your message. I have looked at your site you make some nice knives and leather items. Maybe we can meet some day.

  3. Hello James,I know Troy does seats,I do sheaths and holsters.I know of no local groups but I am always willing to talk about leather.Contact me if you want from my website.Dave
  4. I wouldn't let insects attack it.Your skin might get damaged.I haven't tried it without the acetone but I expect it might work, don't know just doing what the taxidermist said.Dave
  5. I frankly don't see where it matters, all the definitions say "normally flush", but its still a matter of preference.I explain both methods in my tutorial and leave it up to the maker.I also explain both ways when I teach students.My personal preference is recessed and yes I have done raised inlays, though many hides do not lend themselves to being padded.I am reasonably sure that I have done more inlay's than most on this forum, because that's what I have chosen to specialize in for 20 years.I have also done some filigree work, which i consider quite a bit different.I have always strived to try new things and have inlayed all kinds of exotics, stones, wood,Ivory,carbon fiber, and different kinds of metal, while certainly not traditional, they were well accepted.I just don't see being close minded when it comes to artwork and I think it stifles creativity.Dave
  6. That is some serious work and skills, just beautiful.Dave
  7. Thanks to TJ and Mike for thier kind comments.Yes, look under Knife Gallery for my leatherwork (sorry ,it's the way program for the site is).Yes, by all means dye and burnish the window prior to gluing and sewing.Dave
  8. I much prefer to do full inlays rather than an"add-on" piece, so I would go with your second idea.Feel free to look at my site, as I have quite a few inlays there, as well as a tutorial under"Knife Info".Dave
  9. Try the Ostrich Market.They have a great selection.Dave Ostrich Market
  10. I a fortunate that I also make knives so I have alot of equipment that can be dual purpose.My main machine is my Burr-King, which is variable speed, and good for the long edges.For smaller curves,I built a small wheel sander with a 1" wheel, and a 1/2" wheel, cleans those holsters and sheaths right up.Dave
  11. Botach does not have the best reputation on the Knife forums.Many sad stories about them.Dave
  12. I made some changes to mine, added some equipment that was gifted to me, and built some.Dave
  13. Having not seen the HF tool, hard to tell why it's not grabbing but my guess is there is an adjustment needed at the nose.We had a similar unit where I used to work and the nose came off for cleaning and adjustment.When using air tools one -two drops is all thats needed or wanted.Dave
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