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  1. Just playing around on Power Point, but this is what I was thinking...
  2. Super clean work. Something to aspire to..
  3. I have read here before that leatherworkers put tape on the back of pieces that they are tooling so as to keep the piece's size/shape from distorting. I was just wandering what kind of tape works the best. I can tell you it most certainly isn't painters tape (its what I had readily available and I figured it would come off easily) as by the time I finished tooling a belt the backing piece no longer matched the front (tooled). This then cause the groove made for the stitches to become wonky... I ended up not stitching it and laced the whole belt with roo lacing instead.. This was a blessing in disguise as I think it ended up looking better in the long run.. Attached are pics of the belt. The buckle was my mothers from when she was in High School in the 60s (I think).
  4. Those look awesome. Are the "ladies" laser etched?
  5. I have done some knot work with paracord on a walking stick in the past. If I remember correctly, I used really small finishing nails to anchor them in place and then hid them under a turks head knot. A thought, (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG) you could try soaking the leather. then braid it. when the leather dries it will shrink a bit and form to the stick. I would like to see the finished project either way..
  6. All of my stitching is with Ritza "Tiger" thread. I usually use either the .8 or the 1.0, though I believe they also have a .6 and a 1.2. Buying a spool can be expensive but I feel like I will never run out. I think I'm up to about 5 different colors out of the 15-20 colors that I have seen. There are also people that sell off smaller amounts on Ebay if you only need a little bit of a specific color for a project.
  7. Looks awesome. Do you have any pics from the front and back, just want to see how it is all held together?
  8. Thanks Grey. I used the rings since I think I may eventually make a gridle/warbelt (think renn faire costume) to strap it onto. Plus, with it being put together with Chicago screws and only using semi-permanent lock tight, I can always replace the rings with a more traditional leather belt loop at a later date.
  9. So, here are some sheaths I made for some drunken pandemic purchases from CRKT. Tomahawk sheath is still a bit tight around the handle. Put together with Chicago screws and hand stitching. Tried something new with the Provoke (the Kramabit). Wet molded it using my vaccuum sealer I bought for my sou vide machine (cooking stuff). Had to put a thin piece of trash leather "face to face" with the leather so that it didn't take the texture of the inside of the vaccuum sealer bag. Question I had for the more experienced, is when wet molding and tooling, which order does it go in. Do you wet mold and then tool while the leather is still on the "mold"? Or do you tool the leather and then delicately wet mold? Either seems difficult. p.s. sorry the pics are poor quality. still working out the kinks of using http://shrinkpictures.com so i can upload more than one at a time.
  10. RevMoore


    Here is some sheaths for an axe and my Yarbrough. Having trouble with my pic file sizes, but I'll post more pics when i can. Feel free to give my constructive criticism on any and all. I feel that every thing I make is just practice and none end up perfect, but I guess that's why I do it as a hobby and not a profession...
  11. RevMoore


    Hello, I haven't been on the site for a long while and am not sure if I made my introduction (I think I signed up while I was downrange wishing I could work on some leather projects). A friend got me into leather working and showed me a couple of things but for the most part I am self/internet taught. Below are a couple of old projects I worked on. The belt was hand tooled and hand paint for my son (he barely ever wore it...). The sleeve is an ongoing project I have been working on for years. I has a lot more to it not, but I'll post pics when I download them off my phone. The third is a roll bag I made for all of my punches. Ill post few more pics in the comments (if I can) as I reached my size limit in the post..
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