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  1. Thank you everyone for the responses and positive comments!!! You all made my day !!! I look at the the amazing leather pieces that others have made with veg tan leather, and not sure if I belong here as I work lighter weight chrome dyed leather. Thank you for validating what I do.
  2. Thank you CowboyBob. I'll stick with clear oil, I want my machine to keep running for a long time. Would it be something it it lasted another 100 years?!
  3. Thank you Vaelloc and TomWisc! The eyes are reverse painted and have about 15 layers of paint. They're fun to do but time consuming (and the paint takes a while to fully dry with all of the layers)
  4. Here's a wallet I made with a handpainted glass eye. The greenish textured leather around the eye is pigskin. Here's looking at you!
  5. I'm the new owner of a Singer 29-4 machine, this is my first experience with a machine of this type. I have a reprint of the manual which shows oiling points; I've circled the areas in red where I think it might be better to use a grease rather than and oil. When these machines were made, they didn't have the types of machine lubricants that exist now. Since there are "gears" on the machine , would it be better to grease these areas rather than oil them? If so, would something like Tri-Flow TF23004 Clear Synthetic Grease be a good grease to use? Any other areas where grease might be better? Which oil would be better to use on the areas the areas that need oiling Lily white or Triflow? On my embroidery machines, I was told by several techs at different shops to use triflow on them instead of regular machine oil. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any help.
  6. Thank you for the compliments! I know it's not your traditional leather work. I just really enjoy working and creating with the lighter weights leather (versus veg tan). Plus I don't have the tools for veg tan LOL I'll take the pictures of the inside of one as soon as I finish another one. (The ones shown have sold)
  7. Here's a few refillable leather sketch journal covers I've made:
  8. Thank you for the suggestion about slipping the belt off. Will make that a habit along with regular oiling
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