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  1. gnarls

    Adler 105/64

    Would you take payment by PayPal?
  2. Is machine still for sale? And do you have any pics. Interested in buying.
  3. Do you have any shipping companies in your area that would pack and ship?
  4. Where are you located in SD?
  5. gnarls

    Singer 97-10

    That is a cool looking machine. Would love to need it.
  6. I just received them. They are outstanding. Thanks
  7. I agree the Adler is a good machine. I have 4 different Adlers in my shop. If you don't buy it I would like to know where you are at and if seller would ship? Thanks
  8. Sewing machine still for sale. $300.00 plus shipping.
  9. New Cobra model 5550BB sewing machine. Selling head only, It is in original shipping box ready to go. $395.00 plus shipping.
  10. John: I cannot coment on areostitch, have not used one. But in our shop we have 2 Adler 205-64. And 2 Adler 205-370. All but one has been in prodution use since late 80,s. One of the 205-370 is new. No problems, very happy with how the sew.
  11. Good to hear something positive. hope it keeps going.
  12. Has any one called weaver and asked Vernon about the add that says made in Germany? or are we all just guessing and making accusations without the facts?
  13. John, There is a used adler on the forum for sale.
  14. Noah: Not sure what is in your area, but there are times when animals have to be put done for health reasons and not for meat and the hides may be available if you can do the tanning. the towns around us had to thin down the deer pop[ulation in towns for that reason was not for meat, not sure if that would be acceptable for you to use. game and fish department may know of somthing. you local vets that have to put animals down. hope you can find somthing that works for the both of you.
  15. Art did say that both dave and jerry have been on line and i would assume reading posts. so maybe they will answer guestions, and end the confusion. one would hope.
  16. did dave have an answer when you talked to him?
  17. yes but they always say the person i need to talk to is not there -leave you number and we will call back. i have had another agency working for me that also made same attempt but no call or e-mail back. glad they are helping you, and hope they answer your questions. i have just wrote it off, and life goes on
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