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  1. gnarls

    Adler 105/64

    Would you take payment by PayPal?
  2. Is machine still for sale? And do you have any pics. Interested in buying.
  3. Do you have any shipping companies in your area that would pack and ship?
  4. Where are you located in SD?
  5. gnarls

    Singer 97-10

    That is a cool looking machine. Would love to need it.
  6. I just received them. They are outstanding. Thanks
  7. I agree the Adler is a good machine. I have 4 different Adlers in my shop. If you don't buy it I would like to know where you are at and if seller would ship? Thanks
  8. Sewing machine still for sale. $300.00 plus shipping.
  9. New Cobra model 5550BB sewing machine. Selling head only, It is in original shipping box ready to go. $395.00 plus shipping.
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