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  1. I have a couple questions. 1. do you supply the dudes or do people send them to you? 2. How much do you charge? 3. what oz leather do you use?
  2. was thinking about getting this hand sewing machine. Anybody have experience or know if they are a good machine? https://www.tolindsewmach.com/cowboy-outlaw.html
  3. what oz leather do you use for the holder?
  4. Howdy Ya'll, Can I use my arbor press to set rivets and snaps? Or is it better to get a press that's made for the specific job? If I can use my arbor press where and what dies do you use for the job? Thanks!!
  5. Howdy ya'll! I have my clicker press on its way! I need a good source for clicker dies. what do you guys recommend??
  6. Hey Wiz thank you!! Can you recomend a machine that would work for belts etc and holsters?
  7. I was looking at the Techsew 1460 it looks like it would suit the needs of what I need and way beyond that. Mostly I’ll be making belts wallets and holsters. Seems like this would work great for what I need. What do you guys think? Anybody ever use one or have one? Is there any other recommendations in this price point? Thanks in advance y’all https://www.techsew.com/us/techsew-1460-walking-foot-leather-industrial-sewing-machine.html
  8. Hey guys tried to search and couldn't find a good answer. What oz leather is good for a cowboy style belt?
  9. Howdy yall! What is the oz leather that is best for holsters? I will be doing both cowboy style ans formed carry holsters.
  10. Sorry I'm a total newb to sewing machines. What woukd I need a big bobbin for?
  11. Howdy ya'll! I need opinions on the consew 226. Is it an OK machine? Can it sew leather for belts and stuff that thick? Any advice or thoughts woukd be awesome!
  12. Do you have a link for the new one? Is the old one for sale lol????
  13. I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these exact lasers. How has it been going?
  14. So what machine would do what? All those projects don't have much difference in thickness of the leather.
  15. Howdy Ya'll. So i want to buy a sewing machine. I want to buy a good all round machine. One machine that can do all (or most) sewing projects. Belts, coasters, bags, holsters, wallets, headstalls is mostly where I'm at. .. what do you recommend??
  16. I found these https://www.amazon.com/Co-link-Leather-Punches-Rhombus-Stitching/dp/B014KSWLEA/ref=sr_1_28?dchild=1&keywords=Leather+Stitching+Hole+Punch&qid=1588091206&sr=8-28
  17. @fredk you are the most helpful guy on this forum!! Thank you for the input!!
  18. Came across this tool when looking for pricking irons. Looks cool anybody ever use them? holepunch2.webp
  19. Howdy Ya'll!! Ok so I'm on to the next step of my coaster making. I want to start adding paint. So my questions are..... 1. What do I use to seal the paint? 2. What is the process to apply what I need to seal the paint? Any other tips or tricks would be appreciated.
  20. Didn't even know that was a thing. You just use a thin brush? What is the technique to apply it?
  21. Ya lol my buddy pointed that out to me after i was like "how to you like my beveling" he said it was a background tool. Thanks for the info on the "b"
  22. So I'm still having trouble getting the beveling of the stamped letters down. If you guys have any advice or tips I would appreciate it!
  23. Anybody else? There has to be someone who makes these custom dies????
  24. lol duh. who makes them? Maybe i was too vague.
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