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  1. Hello everyone, here is a belt made for a customer. The leather is Hermann Oak tinted with antique Sheridan brown from Fiebings Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  2. Hello everybody. Here is a bronc halter that I made for a friend. The stitching was done entirely by hand. Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  3. Hello everyone, here is my latest creation. A knife sheath with a feather pattern that I made for a friend. The leather I used is 3.4mm thick. The stitching was done by hand with beeswax-polished linen thread. I put some antique Sheridan brown from Fiebings on the pattern. Greetings from Switzerland Jesse
  4. Hello Sheila, Welcome here. Your work is realy nice and clean. Jesse
  5. Very nice and clean carving. Your background is very nice. I really like your work. What kind of dye and Antique do you use ? Jesse
  6. it is definitely a very nice job, neat and clean. Bravo. Jesse
  7. Thank you for your kind comments. JayEhl, I will try your mixture (olive oil and dye). Thanks for the tip Jesse
  8. Thank you, I apply olive oil only on the outside. Jesse
  9. Hi everyone, My latest projet, a simple carved wallet. Leather thickness : 5 and 2 oz. Finish : olive oil and Antique medium brown from fiebings Hand stitched Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  10. Hello everybody, Here is my latest creation, a Cheyenne type holster by Frank A. Meanea and its belt including 32 loops for cal 45 LC. There is a teardrop plug sewn at the bottom of the holster , usualy found on almost all Cheyenne-type holster. Leather 3.5 - 4 mm for the belt and holster Cartridges loops: 2 mm The color remained natural with only two passes with olive oil and a day spent in the sun to "tan" it all. A bit of Antique Sheridan Brown to bring out my carving and the prints on the belt. Hand sewing as usual. Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  11. Thank you, Yes, the pattern come from the Will Ghormley pack. Here is a picture how the holster is attached to the front of the saddlebag. RemingtonSteel, I started leathertooling about 4 years ago, but I still have a lot to learn. Fortunately my friend Mich 'from France who is also on this forum helps me a lot to progress. Jesse
  12. I would have made a border on the loop for a better result. But other wise it's a nice holster and I like your gun too. Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  13. Hello JWheeler331, It's a scout belt. For sbrownn, I think it's also the brown color of the thread that creates thiseffect of lack of contrast. Jesse
  14. hello Forester, this is definitely not an embossing wheel that made this impression. It's a stamping tool. I presume it's a picture from a London Jack's holster ? I saw another picture from a Cheyenne holster made by him and you can clearly see that border is made with a stamping tool greeting from Switzerland
  15. Hello Scootch, the stamp used is the G538 from craftool Jesse
  16. Thank you all for your kind words. Hello Mich', it's good to hear from you my friend. Jesse
  17. Thank You for your kind words. The diamond border was stamped. Josh, yours is beautiful, I love it Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  18. Great job Josh, Basket weaving looks good on this kind of rig and yours is outstanding. Jesse
  19. Hello everyone, two knife sheaths that I made recently Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
  20. hello everyone, I made this shooter saddle bag. It take me 36 hours of carving and 6 hours of handstiching. It was fun to achive this projet. Greeting from Switzerland Jesse
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