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  1. Oh, I'll try to do it according to your instructions, then I'll send you the result
  2. Laser engraving on leather allows you to create original and artful products made of natural material or faux leather. Advantages of laser engraving on leather: efficiency: you can apply a drawing in 10-20 minutes; low production cost compared to embossing especially when ordering medium and large runs; non-contact machining, which prevents damaging the material; ability to create complex images with fine details; large area of applied images (up to 300 x 600 mm), thanks to which the creation of large items is possible. Features of laser engraving on leather A laser machine for leather creates an image by burning out the top layer. It exposes a bottom layer that determines the color of the image. As a rule, the natural leather bottom layer is dark, so the final image has a dark-brown or black hue. It looks the most impressive on light-colored leather. Laser equipment easily handles engraving on leather despite the heterogeneity of the structure of this material. The applied image is clear, and the smallest details are well drawn. When is a laser machine more suitable than embossing? Leather engraving can easily replace the embossing when: it is necessary to produce a large number of items; it is little time for engraving leather: a laser machine performs the task several times faster; the leather is thin or the chosen area cannot be embossed; it is necessary to apply the image that is larger than the working area of the embossing machine. Thus, a laser machine for cutting and engraving leather most often is superior to the embossing equipment.
  3. In my opinion, not enough goods for the exhibition. What makes them unique? Is there any individual design?
  4. I fully support you. I would split the direction. Otherwise, it seems to me that your product rubs off on individuality.
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