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  1. Thank you for your comments Clay.

    I appreciate that you didn't say that you thought I was "just a boot maker".

    Actually, I have set about doing as much as life will allow regarding leather.

    I think it was Al Stohlman who said something about picking an area of leather and develope your own style.

    I've never been able to pick just one. I want to do it all.

    More unusal projects on the way.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for showing these.

    I've just taken my first order for a pair of chaps with a lace in the front.

    Previously the pairs I've made have been mostly biker chaps (zippered shotguns) and batwings.

    These last ones were ordered as Arizona Shotgun step-in chaps, laced closed up the leg.

    I have imagined the pattern would have to be just about as you've shown.

    But he wants some space between the yokes.

    The way you have cut them, these look like they would not be uncomfortable in front.

    I was thinking a 1 1/4" cart buckle for the back. What did you use?

    Good job.