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  2. Yea I'd never put rivets along the blade side of a knife sheath, really would use rivets at all
  3. Its a while away, but I've started Mums rose fridge magnets. Got one carved , one to go. I reckon I'll be doing a nice roast for Mothers Day HS
  4. Dang, please post front and back pictures when you attach the adjustable part of the buckle. At least that looks like the Civil War version as opposed to the modern version. I have various kinds of ways to attach the belt on the back of the cartridges, but I used leather that was too thick on the first one I'm working on. Blockade Runner has a lot of that sort of thing. Hi JW, Hanover Brass is where he got that one, Parsley Brass is also good. I usually by Tim Parsley's stuff. Later
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  6. Fabulous write up and photos. Very informative. Easy to follow and actualize! Silverd
  7. YIKES! I had no idea they'd be that expensive!! LOL Got a pig farm nearby? :D - Bill
  8. thanks I keep them in a ziplock bag in my car, when I go out I put one from each branch in my pocket, in case I see a vet, which most of the time I do in the super market
  9. Those look good Bert !!!
  10. Absolutely stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Welcome! Look forward to seeing your work.
  12. Thanks posting extra pics of the belt! Once again fantastic work! ~Frau~
  13. Yesterday
  14. Very nice work Alex. Thanks for sharing.
  15. That is indeed awesome work! On the belts and other pieces with the black backgrounds, do you dye the background separately from the rest of the piece, using a fine brush?
  16. yup same thing as tug was referencing
  17. It's cool. Didn't take it as a criticism.... I appreciate the input. If I get to make another one, for a paying customer, I will stitch them
  18. Just to make sure, Is that what are we talking about? I was thinking of stitching the logo on the sides, but then I went for the rivets The other strap guides, yes, maybe a stitching would have been better, but I'am still learning, and that was the design, and didn't think "will curl up " one day I do appreciate the comments and suggestions though. I basically learned leather craft from Youtube tutorials Cheers
  19. WOW, that's some beautiful work thank you for showing.
  20. Thanks Alex. I was a little nervous going with green, but I wanted to try something different. I started out with Kelly green, and I subdued it adding black and a little bit of Mahagony dye.
  21. New batch of key fobs for Vets. They take a while to make because there made from left over scrap. I make 1 or 2 some times more at a time.
  22. Wow, yes, there are still used for that! How cool is that? But $55 is way too steep a price when I only need a very small amount: Genuine boar bristles I could buy a small brush like a shaving brush, though, for much less: https://www.fendrihan.ca/products/omega-boar-bristle-shaving-brush-beech-wood-handle
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