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  2. Here is a before and after picture. I couldn't help myself this evening. I took the broken one out. Then cut a piece of 4mm round bar and put it in the center of the presser bar. Its hollow. Then silver soldered it back together. It works, but I would still like to replace it with a new one. I may also need the top bushing and bearings/retainer. I will keep a eye on ebay. So far I haven't found one.
  3. I've got 226 stamps (that's if I counted them right) for sale. I've attached an Excel Spreadsheet with a list of all the stamps, maker if known, and ID # if known. I'm also including two nice wooden tool racks with this as well that you can see in the pictures. There's some nice Barry King stamps and some older craftool stamps that are no longer made. This is a sweet collection and some great stamps. I am asking $1,200 for all of them as one set. I am not looking to part them out. I want to sell them all as one set. I will pay for shipping in the lower 48 states. I am happy to ship out of the country but will not cover shipping for out of the USA. Let me know if you are located out of the country and interested. I more than happy to let you know shipping costs. Here are pictures of all the stamps as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! Leather Stamp List for Forum.xlsx
  4. Good idea to use key fob dies.
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  6. I posted the inlayed panel of this bag but here is the finished piece. Black buffalo(I think, i bought it forever ago) metalic blue for the inlay. The wife is happy with it and as luck would have it, I found a strap to match the interior lining! Not perfect but came out ok I think
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  8. Magnetic Book Markers? Eh? was ee on about? Book pages aren't magnetic Let me explain This is the latest craze here. Has been for several months now but I was only able to tackle it this past week Do you use scrap leather to make key ring fobs? Then you can make Magnetic Book Markers I used my die for key fobs I punched out two I have two identical pieces complete with sewing holes Using contact adhesive I stuck on two powerful magnets. They are 12 mm x 3 mm N52 strength. Placement doesn't have to be exact, an approx will do I mark the magnets to make sure I have them the right way up The two pieces are all sewn up and in use, the book mark is folded over the page and the two magnets attract holding it in place One side; It doesn't matter which way you fold it, the magnets will always attract The leather has to be as thin as possible and the magnets strong, I recommend N50 or N52. The orange leather is thicker than what I'd prefer. Scrap leather; the two sides can be different, dyed or un-dyed veg tan & coloured chrome tan together, two different coloured chrome tan et cetera. Maybe stamped with an initial, or other 3D stamps, . . . . .the only limit is your own imagination On-line these sell for £/$4.99, in the shops - £/$10 to 15 The biggest expense are the magnets. £/$1 to 1.50 each, = £/$2 to 3 per book mark. Maybe you can get the magnets cheaper Something else to make for selling at your market places
  9. Good copy on the fold---if it helps retain the blade better, no reason to get rid of it. Personally, I'd get rid of the rivet since there's a welt, since it just isn't necessary and messes with the visual flow. As to your stamping, I think it looks quite uniform and quite good---I meant more that that style of stamping just isn't my style (I'm kinda stuffy re: style). It was executed well, though, as was the antiquing.
  10. Also I know my stamping needs lots of work....I miscalculated my spacing on the backside and experimented with antiquing for the first time....
  11. A wee story. About 2006/7 the Irish police, known locally as 'The Guards' went on a man-hunt for a Polish driver who was racking up fines for speeding, careless driving, not appearing in court for dangerous driving, parking tickets. He moved about a lot. they had over 50 addresses for him His name, which was given out to the public via radio, TV and newspapers was Prawo Jazdy. Hundreds of Guards were allegedly on the look for this driver. Then it was pointed out to the Guards that prawo jazdy is Polish for . . . . . .Driving Licence! Every time the Guards stopped a Polish diver they took down Prawo Jazdy as his name as a certain yellow character would say 'Doh!'
  12. I did put a welt in and felt the rivet might be good insurance but possibly a bit too large of a head...It does throw a bit of a kink in the flow of the sheath ....I got to fooling around with the first keeper while it was still damp and stretched it so I left this one longer and will trim it if my buddy feels it is too long.....The front wrap actually holds the knife quite nicely so should the keeper come undone I thought it would be harder to lose. That's why I left the belt loop part the way it is. I thought it would look better a little narrower as the handle looks off center. Again I could trim it if my buddy doesn't care for the look. Pattern making has been both a challenge and a learning curve especially when planning to do some wet forming......
  13. LOL, that's too funny, Fred! You know what they say - never assume, because it makes an ass out of u and me!
  14. A further daft bit to this was the police driver, who stayed in the car, was one of my son's old school chums. But he was too far away to take part so didn't know
  15. Im hoping to find close to original, but gold would be a statement!
  16. Apparently no one thought to ask your son ahead of time if he spoke (I assume) English? Probably just brought the interpreter as a matter of course in order to avoid further annoyances and delays, if they were to find he did not speak English, but one would think they would ask first.
  17. It does not look like a first attempt. You did a very nice job. Un written law you must show the blade.
  18. You sir are amazing. That is exactly what I wanted. If you’re ever in central WA, I will buy you a drink. Lol. I wonder what publication the instructions are from. It says at the end of the “next issue” having a different way that doesn’t go through the holes.
  19. Does it have a welt? If so, I would skip the rivet. I know Stohlman says to put a rivet in to prevent the knife from cutting the stitching, but that will dull the blade, even a soft metal like copper. If it doesn’t have a welt, I’d put one in and skip the rivet. I’m not huge on the partial envelopment of the handle at the top, but that’s personal preference on aesthetics. It LOOKS like it might interfere with establishing a grip, but I might be misjudging that. Otherwise, good work. Everything appears well-proportioned and the stitching is good and straight. I like the color, too. I can go either way on the stamping.
  20. I'll tell you my last name is Kullas, it came from Bohemia to Chicago where I was born and lived until we moved to NI. Over the years my name has been; McCullan, Cullis, McKullick and more as the locals thought. As I always say, I don't care what you call me as long as you don't call me late for lunch! In the recent past we have seen a large number of Eastern Europeans moving here to work at the Meat and cheese factories. When somebody we don't know, eg a doctor or police officer sees the last name they assume Eastern European. Example; My son has a car dismantling and 2nd hand parts business. Recently the police called to advise on a situation. They read the last name and brought an interpreter with them. He started talking Polish. Seeing no reaction he worked through Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovakian, Czech, Serbian. Then my son turned to the police officers and in a broad local accent said 'I cannot understand a word this guy is saying. Why did you bring him here?' As my son told me, their reaction was 'priceless'
  21. Yes, I think he was using the servants as an excuse for why his apartment was such a disaster. And definitely, he had some serious issues to let it get to such a state. Sup, that's very kind of you! I'm not sure people in N. America will begin to hire servants. It's never been part of the culture here, except with the very wealthy, though with most households having both parents working, nannies are fairly common. However, with the high price of housing in N. America, many can't afford nannies or servants. When my parents bought a new house in Toronto in 1963, it cost $21,000, and they paid it off in 3 years. Currently the average price for a house in Toronto is 1,128,000 and it will take decades to pay off the mortgage. So many people now are living one missed mortgage payment or rental payment away from finding themselves homeless. The cost of living has far outstripped the rise in wages for all but the wealthy. Most young people today realize that they will likely never be able to afford to buy a house.
  22. I think, as the population increases and people migrate so much, household staff is getting to be more common. And it makes sense too. It provides income when it is most needed. I like that in the West all professions are treated with respect. In India, these days it is demanded and I am happy about that. We grew up treating staff with love and respect. We are currently caring for my mother's maid who is old and has no one. There is no social security in India so we are her security.
  23. I can imagine, especially when people are very connected to their own communities. When we first came to the US, except in the largest cities on the coasts, everywhere else, it was difficult to get anything at all. In some places, we were the only non-whites. Many thought that non-white meant Hispanic and I had to explain that that is not so. Most people were surprisingly friendly and welcoming but others were hmmm. My family is luckily very adaptable and had no trouble but I know of many who were very unhappy. Especially when people treated us like the denizens of a zoo - I once had a white woman tell me that I and my Irani acquaintance reminded her of a 'colorful flock of birds'. Very condescending. So yes, we have to put up with a lot. I suspect people always have, through the centuries, whenever they have migrated. I was timid at first... now, as I think is evident, I'm not.
  24. It was normal in the UK until at least the mid-1960s. Then it petered out until there was just 'a woman who does'* - a semi-maid who called in on a daily basis, then it became weekly, to tidy up and do a bit of shopping * that was she was called; When asked the employer would say ' I have a woman who does' and the woman when asked would say, 'oh, I do for Mrs xx and Mrs yy' Such are foibles of British society We (then my ex-) had a 'woman who does' up to 2017
  25. Ethnic Minorities are call BAME in the UK. And in NI they are a rarity. Some move here and soon leave, not to prejudice but basically 'loneliness'. When there are so few its hard for them for their special events an cultural things, eg, in whole island of Ireland, (population, 5.1 million + 1.9 million = 7 mil) there only 800 Jews, but some will say there are up to 2400. They have to get a Rabbi over from Scotland, their special foods have to be specially imported. And its much the same for Muslims
  26. Everyone in India has servants, not just Hindus. The Christians and Muslins, the Jews and Sikhs and Parsis have just as many servants. We have cooks and chauffeurs, cleaning staff and sweepers. With that population, it just makes sense. It ensures everyone is working and earning None of us in India throw things on the floor and expect servants to pick it up. It is just an exaggeration - I have heard people say that too but never seen it. Indians are very materialistic and money minded - saying that they have people pick up after them is a way of indicating how wealthy they are. After all, it is not routine in the West to have maids in middle-class and lower middle-class neighborhoods like it is in India, so they have no idea how routine it is for us. Your tenant probably had some mental issues and sadly, no one realized it and helped him.
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