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  1. I've been able to justify to my wife the purchase of several handguns in the name of using them for holster molds. She doesn't know about blue guns. I hope she doesn't find out.
  2. I use an adjustable groover around the edges, and a freehand groover for the outline around the gun. I then mark the stitch locations by rolling over the grooves with an overstitch wheel. I then put the holster on a piece of 2x8 lumber, and punch each hole with a diamond shaped awl and a rubber hammer. The diamond shape seems to draw back up around the stitches as you pull them tight. I use two needles, one on each end of my thread, and sew in a crisscross pattern. I believe this is called a saddle stitch.
  3. Thanks, Mark. I searched for a while last night, but I guess I need to hone my searching skills. I didn't run across that one.
  4. It would help a lot if anyone would be so kind as to expound upon this topic a bit. I'm sure having trouble getting it to come out right. Thanks,Greg.
  5. http://www.lasergiftcreations.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=165
  6. Where would you suggest I buy Wickett and Craig leather, and exactly what should I buy? Side? Back? I'm really wanting to learn, but without wasting a lot of money. I've gotten the Tandy sucks sentiment here, so what are the differences between their hides and others?
  7. Is there much difference in sides, backs, and shoulders?
  8. I've been learning about making holsters for about a year now. I've been using 7/8 oz veg tanned double shoulders from Tandy. I try to get them when they are periodocally on sale at $2.99 per SF. I know there is better leather out there. Where do you all recommend buying leather? What leather do you use? How is it superior to the Tandy stuff? i'm having trouble finding 7/8 oz double shoulders on any of the advertisers on this site. I am only a hobbyist, so I don't want to buy a truckload at a time.
  9. THe cool thing about handmade items is that customers expect to see flaws and imperfections, no matter how small. They're what makes handmade items different from items spit off an assembly line.
  10. Were I buying it, I'd notice it, but it wouldn't bother me.
  11. I like it. I make some similar to it. They carry very well.
  12. I like your work, especially the belt in the top photo. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I prefer 7/8 oz Veg tanned shoulder for most holster applications.
  14. I have good luck with the aerosol can of Super Sheen. Just don't apply it too thick, or it will crack like ice when bent. Just spray it, let it dry for a few minutes, and apply and buff off a coat of neutral shoe polish. Looks great.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I get $45 for an IWB, and $40 for a pancake. I figure I have about $5 in materials, and about 2 hours labor in a pancake. That comes to $17.50 for my labor. This is time I'd spend goofing off anyway. At this price, I find I keep just enough business that I don't get behind very far, but rarely run out of something to do. $17.50 per hour for doing something I enjoy seems to me like I'm stealing. I expect that most of you make better quality holsters than I do, therefore commanding a higher price. I sure do value each of your opinions. Thanks again. Greg
  16. Thank you all so much for all the input. It helps a lot. I'm glad to get a variety of differing viewpoints. I guess I was just overthinking it. One of you asked about the price. I'm getting $40 each for basic pancake holsters with a basketweave pattern on them. They don't take a lot of material or labor to make. As this is just a hobby, I'm very pleased with the money.
  17. Crystal, To change the subject a bit, I'll tell you that I bought a GSG 1911 chambered in 22LR a while back. It shoots great, has a good trigger, good ajustable sights, and more. It costed $300, and is a great practice gun to help you improve with your Kimber. Ammunition is a fraction of the cost, and the pistol looks, feels, and functions just like yours. I'll bet you'd like one as well.
  18. Thanks for the answers. I'm pleased with the price I'm getting. I'm also happy if he's making money on them. I don't really believe that is the case, but I suppose it could be. It just hit me as odd, and I was afraid I was missing something obvious that could potentially be a problem. I understand that the guy works for someone kind of well known, and they like to have a holster for each gun. Perhaps they were afraid I'd inflate the price for someone wealthy? I dunno. Frankly, I just am not good enough to command a lot of interest.
  19. I'm not complaining, but this sure seems odd to me. I have a few holsters displayed in a local gun store. A week or so ago, a guy bought one, and asked to have two more made. Same style, same color; everything. Just for different guns. I made them, and he came in today to pick them up, and ordered four more; just like the others, except for different model guns. Some of these would interchange. He also stated that he'd have about 8 more after this. His money's good, and he seems very happy with my work, but this just smells weird to me. What say you?
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