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  1. Definitely an eye catching piece!! Good work love the dye work.
  2. Looks great and even better praise this is for a noble cause you should be very proud of yourself well done sir
  3. Not having a sewing machine the stitching to me looks good the only thing I really see is the edges. If you use an edge beveler and bevel both sides you can. Then take an edge slicker or even a piece of denim from an old pair of jeans (it's what I use) and dampen down the edges before dying then start rubbing rubbing rubbing. It'll give your edges a much cleaner more rounded appearance all in all though other than that I myself really don't see much to critique
  4. Good pouch sheath and good video I like them both!
  5. You're very welcome only thing I would have done differently is bevel all the visible edges and use and edge slicker on them to give the edges a nice rounded finish to them but it doesn't detract from the piece at all it would just help give it more of a finished look that's just my 2 cents though so take it as you will I still love the thing :D
  6. It's the style I find perfect for myself, that being functional and not flashy so as to not distract from the whole of the project. I like tooling but it's a lot harder to pull off something plain and I think you did that perfectly
  7. Looks very good I like it and good touch on the cigar box!
  8. I like it. Good stamping and forming like the color too did you use an antique on it?
  9. Good mag pouch and I have the exact same trouble. Black is probably the hardest color for me to dye. I think there was a thread a little while back about the very subject still a good design on the mag pouch I leek it
  10. What you and someone else considers "proper construction" is up for grabs that's the beauty of the craft. No 2 methods are the same. What works for one craftsman might not for another, but just because you personally think the leather is too thick or too thin doesn't mean it's improper construction. As the OP said, this is working for him and his machine set up. Thick or thin. Good work I like them.
  11. Apparently it's working just fine for the application if he's working on 5 holsters at once?
  12. We don't have any machine shops here in my small ga town and if we did I wouldn't really be able to afford it but I use kid ex like another poster said it hasn't failed yet Meant kydex -_-
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