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  1. Very nice work, sir. I particularly like the aged condition of the old blades as opposed to shiny and new.
  2. Or grab a hacksaw! Just kidding. That’s a nice looking holster.
  3. Looks good, but man, that’s some thick leather for what it is.
  4. Much like a knife sheath, you’ll want to sandwich an extra layer or two of leather against the cutting edge for protection of the stitching.
  5. There are several ways to go about it, buy here's what I settled on.
  6. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I’ve made belts, holsters, wallets and such for several years now, but getting back into motorcycles, this is new to me. Blackjack21, I have a specific question for you. If I use a stiff, thick harness leather, can I use saddlebags without the wire guards you need to buy for commercial bags that protect the bags from getting onto the brake rotor/belt pulley?
  7. Thank you, sir. That would be much easier. I'll probably go with some pre dyed leather next time as well.
  8. The pics explain it better than words. Thanks. I think I’ll pick up a bottle of that antique finish and give it a try sometime. I like the look.
  9. Looks pretty good to me! It does raise a bunch of questions, however. How do you get the inside of the stampings darker than the rest of the leather without having any bleeding issues? How does it retain the pistol?
  10. I didn't think it turned out too bad. It sure takes a lot of hand stitching! I'm still thinking about making a pair of saddlebags, but haven't committed to tackling that yet.
  11. Wow! There’s a lot of work in that rig. Looks good.
  12. Thank you for responding. I was beginning to believe I did something to offend the forum due to the number of views and lack of responses.
  13. I’m thinking about making a pair of throw over saddlebags for my bike. If I make them out of heavy saddle skirting leather, will they be rigid enough that they won’t drag on my brake rotor or drive belt pulley, or would I need some sort of bolt on supports like you get with the cheap store bought bags?
  14. Thank you all for the kind words. It is a Colt Woodsman. My father actually made the grips on it. I hope it doesn’t look antique, as I just made it today. LOL. I wasn’t aware Iver Johnson ever made a semi auto 22 handgun. Interesting!
  15. I haven't been here in quite a while. The weather sucks, so I made a holster today and thought I'd share.
  16. Very nice. Much too nice for a plastic pistol.
  17. gregintenn

    Brown wallet

    Very nice indeed!
  18. I can give you a bit of advice. Lay your handgun on a sheet of posterboard or a file folder and trace it's figure with a pencil. Then, draw the holster around it, allowing enough extra room for the gun's width. Cut it out, lay it over your leather and trace it. Voila, you've made your own pattern. Hope this helps and Merry Christmas, Greg
  19. ....since I've visited here. I still need a LOT of practice and instruction on carving and tooling, but I thought this turned out pretty cool anyway.
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