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  1. Does anyone have a pattern for a sail makers sewing palm? Chris
  2. I've been really inactive in the leatherwork arena lately so please forgive my not answering everyone's questions. As to the blade contacting the rivets, I actually got some delrin tubing and cut a really short piece that goes over the rivets like a washer, so the blade never touches the metal rivet. Chris
  3. Looks great. What kind of machine are you using to route those out? Chris
  4. I'd like to know more about how you do this. When I've tried it in the past the results weren't that great due to the leather being so difficult to work with. Do you soften the leather somehow to make it more workable? Are you using tattoo ink or dye? Chris
  5. Started making a slightly different version of this pattern last night, basically the same but instead of belt slots its intended to have loops and worn in the waistband. The only thing about the pattern that I'm going to change is move one stitch line closer to the trigger guard. I was going to attach the belt loops with snaps, but the snap posts are to short to go through all the layers of leather so I'm going to have to find another method. I wanted to use snaps so I could leave the loops on my belt if I wanted to remove the holster
  6. I was trying out a new tracing tool that I made this afternoon, so I used it to do an initial tracing of my Hi Point C9. I just finished drawing this pattern for a holster and thought I would share it with the group. I haven't made a holster from this pattern yet so please keep that in mind if you decide to use it. Make sure to print the file at actual size not scaled to fit. Chris Hi-Point C9 Pancake.pdf
  7. Very cool man! I really dig it! Chris
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