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  1. I just finished a collar for our new rescue pup. He likes to play in water so I rubbed it down with beeswax then hit it with a hot air gun. Finished it off by buffing. Worked great for waterproofing.
  2. BTW folks - I bought a Maker stamp from this gent a long while back when he sold on eBay. Outstanding work - the stamp is crisp and exactly as I designed it.
  3. Nice job indeed! Nice idea on that one with dual belt loops to adjust cant - but they look a tad close. Any worries on that thin strip between tearing?
  4. I almost never work with heavier than 8oz leather. Most of my sewing is on scabbards, sheaths and holsters.While I'm ok at hand stitching there are times when it's just a drag. A lady at work was telling me that a heavy duty machine should be able to do the trick on what I'm sewing. She claims to have made boots on hers only going to a commercial boot shop to get the soles stitched and glued on. I know I'll hear right tool for the job but as a hobbyist I really don't want to plonk down $$$ on something that doesn't aid in making a living. Plus I think I'd likely take more chances with some leather projects if there wasn't so doggone much manual labor involved. Opinions?
  5. The student definately honors the master!
  6. I'm assuming that "extra" belt slot is to vary the cant. How well does that work? It seems to me that it might put a "torque" on the belt with neither of them quite on kilter.
  7. I've seen that weave stamp before but can't seem to figure out which one it is - hint anyone?
  8. Add me to the fan list - nice work! Keeps the mouth open for when you holster the weapon.
  9. Magnificent edge "braiding" - what technique is that anyway and what did you use?
  10. Looks great! Hey - I noticed something I've puzzled over. You're one of the few I've seen that "cants" ( \ /) the belt loops instead of straight up and down. I always thought that would better suit the natural curvature of the waist - I'd just like to know your reasoning and how you determine the angle. Thanks!
  11. I liked the explanation that was given to me by an old timer - for decorative cuts think like you're "dipping" the blade into the leather. Made sense to me anyway I agree the leather doesn't look like it was cased properly. The good news is you're practicing - the best plan there is.
  12. I was gonna say those rivets should have been tailor made for SteamPunk - nice work!
  13. Nice! I've always wanted one since the 70's You plan on selling any?
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