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  1. I m looking for the book bighouse daddy sold on western bootmaking, and his hatmaking patterns. Any help appreciated, thanks
  2. I m looking for Big House Daddy western boot making book, and he cowboy hat course he had on his site. Not looking for a handout, willing to buy the material, unfortunately Big House Daddy isn't with us anymore to buy it from. Any help is appreciated. thanks
  3. Sturme

    Machine beginner Renaissance Faire

    If I were you Goblin, I would go for a sailright. plus they have an accessory for a heavier flywheel that you can even attach a handle to. that would allow you to do minor repairs at a fair without electric. it will handle most of your needs in your price range
  4. Sturme

    Billy 2 Shews DVD Available

    Is the download still available? I see the site is still up, but wanting to make sure before I order thank you
  5. I have 2 cheap lacing chisels from tandy that I use for stingray only, instead of stitching them I do a Mexican round lace pattern and lace the item. looks pretty nice with the stingray. And hides the edges completely. make sure you cut and punch the stingray from the flesh side and keep your munches ground sharp.
  6. Sturme

    Tippman Boss?

    I love my boss, but there are some things I would recommend when starting to use one. I played with mine for a month before I did anything serious. It helped me a lot with learning the machine. there is a coat hanger trick that will be a godsend also. I also bought mine new, and got the bench and all the attachments. spent about 2 grand and it was worth every penny. there is a definite learning curve to this machine so you have to be patient with it for a while, however there are advantages verses another machine. One being mobility. 2 I like that it takes no electricity to sew. You will Also read that this machine will sew 3/4 inch leather. I have managed a couple stitches on a bit over that but it was too awkward to work so I ended up drilling and hand stitching that part. overall I would recommend this machine for anyone who has a bit of patience and doesn't mind tinkering the get it adjusted to what you want. I use my Boss for medium to heavy leather. I have a cheap powered singer for the light stuff.
  7. Sturme

    Best Way To Cut Long Thick Leather?

    you might want to look into a good round knife. I had the same issue you had until I got (and learned to use it) a round knife. it will go through that really easily.
  8. Sturme

    Was This My Fault?

    I may be wrong, but I would have forgot about the supershene, it kind of seals the leather so your resolene may not have gotten any penetration into the leather. with nothing to adhere to, it could come off and the sun start fading the dye in the leather. I have a dog collar I through together for one of my dogs that did the same thing after just using supershene on it.
  9. ok, I admit it, with that simple and clean design, I want one. that looks really nice.
  10. Thanks. I do like my boss, but they can be really temperamental. If you decide to get one I recommend you read some of the things about the boss on the forum here. The people here have taught me a lot about mine. also I took a month of playing on mine to get used to it and tweak it out before I did my first real sewing job on it. it helped a lot. any question on one, just give me a shout.
  11. Sturme

    Paws For The Animals

    that is cute, I hope it does well. definitely for a worthy cause.
  12. Sturme

    Another Canuck In Your Midst

    Hi Alex. Welcome to the forum
  13. Sturme

    Hi Y'all - From Plano Texas

    Welcome to the forum, you will find a treasure trove of information here. and a lot a great advise. Enjoy your new hobby.
  14. Customer wanted a extreme right hand cross draw rig that he could use while riding a motorcycle. I know I had a few mistakes in it, but he was really happy. And it let me break in my Tippmann Boss. the back is really blurry, but my boss performed beautifully on the suede lined belt.
  15. Sturme

    Tips For Hand Burnishing Chromexcel

    you might try this on a practice piece first, but you could try dying the edge, burnish it lightly, and maybe seal it with something like mod podge with a q tip, seen it done on a you tube video, and the edge looked nice.