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    My interest are varied , I'm a trap shooter, I repair lawnmowers and small engines , have a machine shop, have half a dozen sewing machines my two adlers are my favs, winter I turn to my love of leather, doing all I can from a hospital bed , it keeps me going and sane. I'm a tool collector my downfall.

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  1. She is a pretty girl , missing her brother 29-4 which sold in a few days . This machine needs a good home . It will sew 1/4" leather like its nothing . Belts no problem. I'm pretty much totally bed bound now my vertebra are bone on bone causing extreme pain. Yupp disabled isn't enough now it's hard to even do leather in my bed .
  2. Thanks , you just inspired me to make a version of this bag. I have some exotic lace wood , the grain in this wood is Absolutely gorgeous, it's like fish scales look or a snake skin .. Haven't been able to sell a large quantity that I had bought and set aside to make furniture in my retirement years. But life changes my plans , now I'm pretty much stuck in a wheelchair. So ill do the things I can . Thanks
  3. As I replyed , I was and do have trouble with my pad not showing that things are working or not. It takes fits I guess at times it will do nothing for ever and then shut down. Sorry it worked four times , just lucky I guess.
  4. A very good condition singer . I installed a strong motor on the end of the base with two drawers from an old treadle from eBay . It works , if you don't want the motor ill remove it and take fifty bucks off. I even made her a cover to protect it. Willing to let her go for $550.00 . Ready to go Only reason I'm selling is I have no room.
  5. Ok , yes I'm only selling to get room in my shop. I've got to many machines and cantt even get in. The walking foot machine is the blue gray color with th table it's the older singer motor with clutch. The motor ways as much as the machine. The table is mounted on large swivel wheels . She was last used to make boat covers ad seats. Sews nice stitching no reverse . She had been serviced by keystone in Philadelphia. I had planned on using her for light leather up to 1/4" which it does very well. Only reason I'm selling is I have no room.
  6. Take it from me they're 20 gauge and even look to be slugs. Not birdshot for sure. I own every normal bore of shotgun and several in 20gauge. Still nice job on the cover . I'd be afraid of messing it up by using it. I always set the butt on the ground and lean it against a tree or post.
  7. Your version of the holster is not much different than the original . Steve McQueen s had a hook at the top and spring steel wrapped in leather down where the barrel and ammo tube pass the forearm. When drawn the barrel came up forward to make speed Very quick. Nice job on your holster set up.
  8. Glad to see you used the copper rivet , I've had many of the two piece pretty ones let go. Nice job on the knife. Like the style itself. I've made a few so I know how much time you put into it.
  9. I know the period holsters had the toe plug sewn in , but I think I'd punch a hole to let anything that falls in can get out. Just my thoughts
  10. Like it , always liked crossdraw ,I know if the crap ever hit the fan . The knife on one side and pistol on the other. Even a between the shoulder scabard for a sbr. YUPP got to be prepared. Nice job.
  11. Very nice, as an old cowboy might say I'm just the man to wear that rig. YUPP ITS very nice.
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