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  1. Or jewelry in that matter? Here are some pictures of cabs for sale they appear to be .25 inch thick Is that too thick to be in a small journal? Any personal experience?
  2. are you using pennies for the washers? If not how are the washers made? Is there a part of the jig that helps make them?
  3. Send me the numbers 👍 Send me the numbers 👍
  4. It's like this one http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=131334413833 But I'm actually trying to sell it 😂
  5. Have 8349 selling for $13.50 shipped domestic
  6. I have a few of those, I can "loan" out if anyone has a book I dont have and is willing to "trade" win-win lmk
  7. They are having a raffle type thing on instagram thought I should let yall know in case you haven't heard @springfieldleatherco it's a repost hashtag thing to enter How do I delete a thread I accidentally made two
  8. There's a ton of good stuff in those books not in any of my other American bootleg books it's good to look everywhere
  9. i found these bootleg on an old russian site a few months ago i feel hella lucky they are great
  10. Hey, what did you end up going with? I saw a bunch of braiding videos last night and was planning to go to tandy this morning but now idk '~' what do we do lol
  11. Would you be willing to seperate
  12. Hey guys, looking for a vote. I'm making patches for a clothing company. I want to use natural vegtan leather should I use a normal copper stamp or a heat stamp? I've never used a heat stamp, but I'm figuring the logo would show up better if we're going to leave it natural Any recommendations for places to get stamps done? Thanks in advance Lucas
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