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  1. Or jewelry in that matter? Here are some pictures of cabs for sale they appear to be .25 inch thick Is that too thick to be in a small journal? Any personal experience?
  2. are you using pennies for the washers? If not how are the washers made? Is there a part of the jig that helps make them?
  3. Send me the numbers 👍 Send me the numbers 👍
  4. It's like this one http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=131334413833 But I'm actually trying to sell it 😂
  5. Have 8349 selling for $13.50 shipped domestic
  6. I have a few of those, I can "loan" out if anyone has a book I dont have and is willing to "trade" win-win lmk
  7. They are having a raffle type thing on instagram thought I should let yall know in case you haven't heard @springfieldleatherco it's a repost hashtag thing to enter How do I delete a thread I accidentally made two
  8. There's a ton of good stuff in those books not in any of my other American bootleg books it's good to look everywhere
  9. i found these bootleg on an old russian site a few months ago i feel hella lucky they are great
  10. Hey, what did you end up going with? I saw a bunch of braiding videos last night and was planning to go to tandy this morning but now idk '~' what do we do lol
  11. Would you be willing to seperate
  12. Hey guys, looking for a vote. I'm making patches for a clothing company. I want to use natural vegtan leather should I use a normal copper stamp or a heat stamp? I've never used a heat stamp, but I'm figuring the logo would show up better if we're going to leave it natural Any recommendations for places to get stamps done? Thanks in advance Lucas
  13. The local leather store only sells the long ones, and I suck at trimming them. But your right I should just order all the sizes ill end up using them eventually anyway : p
  14. Hey guys what post lenghth should I get for some 8-9oz leather? For future reference how do I calculate for choosing snaps/rivets/grommets Thanks
  15. Hey guys I am doing a project, someone wants a mushroom stamp on a key fob that's part of it I was watching one on ebay but someone won it from under me I really need to finish this soon so if your selling one or can lend me one I would appreciate that I can give you a down payment I promise I'll take care of it lol
  16. I'd like to to how the patina is going from the tobacco I bet its rad
  17. still selling the thread? I'm interested
  18. Awesome, thanks. I searched "leather stamp elk" nothin came up
  19. Hey, everyone I need an elk leather stamp, atleast 1 inch
  20. Hey everyone so I've been looking for a template, I'll attach a pic I tried to figure it out myself but failed lol so If someone could get me a patter or template I would really appreciate it. Willing to pay
  21. yep, I live Los Angeles so if there's some one around here who I could pick them up from that would be awesome. Thanks -Lucas
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