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  1. Just google it. https://www.duerkopp-adler.com/export/sites/duerkoppadler/commons/download/public/265/K_265_267_269_EN.pdf
  2. Get with http://www.solar-leather.com/. They have what you’re looking for. I use their control and it works great.
  3. I have Cobra 20 that I purchased just a few weeks back. The motor was throwing error codes. Leather Machine Co received a bad batch of motors. Your machine carries a lifetime warranty. Contact your reseller or LMC direct and they’ll send you a replacement motor.
  4. Thanks. Actually, depressing the pedal isn't the issue. I have to hold my leg up and let it down on the pedal to activate it. The weight of my leg works fine. I get tired hold my leg at the proper height. For me, a method to activate the speed with my upper body, IE; hand, arm, elbow,.....is going to be the best solution. I have an old Singer 99k that I use for light-weight projects and activating the foot pedal with my elbow while the pedal is sitting on the table top works great for me on that machine.
  5. Perfect thread....I'd been tryin' to figure out a solution for my Cobra 4. I work from a wheelchair with limited leg control. I've managed to use the speed controller using the heal of my left foot to press down on the top of the petal. It works but gets a little tiring after a while. I know I'd see a similar thread somewhere in the past but had been unable to locate it again. Thanks everyone!
  6. These machines are really simple and parts are freely available. Good luck.
  7. The one with the serial number shown is a model 99k. I have one identical to it. Mine sews multiple layers of 2-3 oz. leather with no issues.
  8. I'd be happy to work with you. You can contact me via my website.
  9. "Guest Taylor", Contact me through my website with additional details and I'd be happy to assist you. Best regards, Rex
  10. Got a drill? Just chuck up the Tandy slicker in a drill and clamp it to a bench. Oops...images didn't attach....trying again.
  11. I'm running a Cobra 4 and have that. I think it's fairly normal to have a least some tracks. I just remove those tracks with a glass slicker.
  12. Additional discussion on olive oil here. http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,31724.0.html As stated in the thread link above, everyone has their own experiences and beliefs on what works. Jen, you'll have to reach your own conclusions. I mentioned olive oil as most folks have it on hand for cooking and would therefore save a beginner a little money over purchasing a "dedicated" leather oil. Maybe it does go "rancid inside the leather". I've had no issues. It's a fact that many saddle makers use olive oil. Two quickly come to mind that have YouTube content you could look at; Bruce Cheaney and Don Gonzales. Don actually has one video dedicated to olive oil Regards, Rex
  13. Sam Andrews uses an aluminum spindle for slicking in his holster business and it obviously works great for him. Fast forward to 8:18 in the video below...
  14. Hi Jen, Kevin over at Springfield Leather Co has a video on using black dye. You should check it out. You can probably just treat the leather with olive oil and call it good in regards to the moisture protection. Just a couple light coats. As far as cutting out the pieces, you can cut heavy leather with shears pretty easily if a knife worries you. I'm left-handed and use a set of Mundial shears (only leftys I could find) that I purchased on http://www.chefdepot.net/scissors.htm They work great and the prices on that site are very reasonable. I'm just up the road from ya. Feel free to send me a PM if you want. Glad to help. Rex
  15. Oh, yup I forgot about that. Thanks Wiz. You can contact me Kolten via the form on my website. http://rexjeromecustomleather.weebly.com/ Rex
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