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  1. RDL, Goldshot Ron said to buy theJeremiah Watt DVD and get e new perspective on saddle making. I watched the first 4 hours last night. The wife has plans tonight so I'll watch the second DVD. While it will take some time to absorb it all, it is very impressive. It's based on a Wade saddle, which I doubt I would build. However, the way he goes through the process, I think I could build anything. He really helps you understand how a saddle goes together. After I watch all of it, I will likely post a review on the DVD thread. Once I get my new drawdown stand and shop area done, I am starting on #2. Jeremiah says you should be working on at least two at the same time, but I am not sure I could cash flow that so I will stick with one at a time for now. Randy
  2. I ordered a tree from Batie's last year and it took more than 10 weeks. They were always nice when I called, but were constantly putting me off (I think it will ship Friday). It was my first tree, so I didn't know what to expect. I was thinking about ordering another. If they're that far behind, I better get it placed.
  3. rdl, I agree with Goldshot. Get it like you want even if it costs extra money. I made a lot of mistakes on my first saddle and kept going in most cases because I didn't know it was a mistake or I didn't want to start over (though I did completely redo my seat). However, I knew I would be building a second saddle and viewed the first one as educational (I mostly learn by doing). My first saddle will likely be on a rack and used sparingly a year from now and I will be riding a new one. One mistake that I made was not doing a good enough job blocking my skirts. I won't make it again. Have you cut your hand hole yet? Thanks for continuing to share your progress. Randy
  4. Thanks. I remember seeing that now. Its not exactly the style I am looking for, but at least it's a start.
  5. I am looking for a pommel bag pattern. I have canvas bags I could use for the general shape and photos of leather bags for ideas, but would like a better starting point if possible.
  6. Stef, It looks pretty good to me for a first effort. I just finished my first one a couple weeks ago. I have about 4 majors errors, maybe more if I keep looking. However, none of them are deal breakers, they are just reminders of places to improve. But at least it is comfortable. I really like the style of you saddle and want to build my wife one that is similar. It will just be for trail riding, but I like the barrel saddle design. It must be light, so I appreciate your comments. Where did you get your pattern? Most of it I think I can figure out, but I have been struggling with the in skirt rigging. Everything I think of just gets heavier. Thanks for the feedback. Randy
  7. The Dusty Johnson book says skirts should be no longer than 29". Is the back of the cantle tooled? Your ground seat looks great.
  8. Ron, That looks lower than mine, but I think my plate is too high. It cinched up just fine, but I feel like there is room for improvement. Congratulations on the progress. Randy
  9. I am getting ready to build a new stand based on Stohlman's design. When you say it should be 2 1/2 inches higher in the back, are you sticking with the pattern and then raising the back plate this distance when mounting it? Thanks, Randy
  10. Ron L. I hand stitched everything. If I bought a sewing machine, my wife would get it in the divorce. I used a jig similar to the one in Dusty Johnson's book. However there is a really good discussion about rigging placement in one of these threads. I need to review it again. Ron, I have done some tooling, but not a lot. I did some leatherwork when I got out of high school, but just got back into it a couple years ago (about a 30 year layoff). Keep in mind that I took the pictures. There are some areas that are better than others. I was more interested in construction on this saddle than tooling. My next one will have more. Thanks for the compliments. Randy
  11. You asked about time. Its hard to measure because I have a full time job and family already. I got my tree around the second week of September and finished last week. However, there were three weeks straight that I didn't touch it. Plus I stood around scratching my head a lot. I have about $1k invested in materials and another grand in labor if I got paid 50 cents an hour.
  12. rdl123 Here are some photos of my saddle. It is based off Dusty Johnson's patterns I have his package (book, video and patterns) and Volumes I and II of Al Stohlman's books. I started with that and a general lack of common sense. I learned more than I care to type right now, but I am done and it is really comfortable to ride. It is a Bowman tree from Batie's Custom Tree in Welch, OK. The leather is all Hermann Oak. There are several mistakes, but none were 'deal breakers' for me. Plus, now that I know what they are, I can avoid them on #2. I have a friend who will buy the materials, so I get another shot at it. Plus I want to build one for my wife. She would probably rather have furniture, but what the hell. Stay warm. Artic air is moving our way tonight, but you would probably think its spring weather. Randy
  13. Here is the photo I promised. Thanks for the backgrond information. The number on the latigo holder is 444421615 if that means anything.
  14. Thanks very much. I will post a picture tomorrow. I live about 50 miles from Chandler, so I bet you are right.
  15. Can anyone provide some history on this saddle. I bought it at a garage sale and really like it. It is a very solid saddle. I will definitely keep it as a backup to my new saddle.
  16. Once I am finished, I plan to post some pictures and a recap of the project (time, cost, mistakes, what I learned, etc).
  17. Thanks for the update. I hope to finish my first saddle this weekend. Then I am going for a ride.
  18. As I am wrapping up (about 75% done) my first saddle, I am thinking about a second one. I would like some opinions on leather quality. I can buy import leather for about 1/2 the price of what I would deem as higher quality leather. It seems like a waste to use good 'tooling' leather on a ground seat. Any opinions?
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