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  1. What is the average length everyone uses to make the straps for shoulder holster to attach to the gun? I have the straps going from the back piece and not a continuous strap. Last time I made one, I wasted a lot of leather. any tips and advice appreciated. Thank you
  2. Nice work and thanks for the great pictures to show how it works.
  3. Thank you for your hard work on this. I will be making one soon..
  4. Brothers DB2. It was given to me when my uncle passed away. They swore it was able to handle leather.
  5. I was hoping this would work out. I guess it may not for what I wanted it to. I have another machine that I was told also wouldnt work for holsters etc and it appears I am falling into ones that lack the ability. Unfortunately the ones i need are way out of my price range.
  6. I have purchased this machine. I am looking to use it for holsters, gun straps, and other small projects. Any tips and hints for this machine would be great as I am a beginner when it comes to sewing. I have been hand stitching all of my projects. Thank you Roxanne
  7. Having a heck of a time printing this off. Is there a system to being able to get the whole project printed with it being that big? Thanks Not so computer savy..
  8. After reading that post, I will stick with Hand stitching. This is too confusing and it sounds like I need to spend too much money for a sewing machine for what is still a hobby for me.. Thank you for your time
  9. Hi there, I am not sure if this old machine will work, it was handed down to me. I know they did alot of work with jean material. I already broke a new machine that I bought at Target (attempting to see if it would work) oops.. Any tips that you have for me as I am brand new to sewing with a machine would be appreciated. I have up until now hand stitched my projects. If anyone knows anything about these machines and can provide some assistance with the basics, I would appreciate it. Thank you Roxanne
  10. I cant see some of the pics and would love to see the full tutorial. Thanks
  11. I would be interested also. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing
  12. Thanks Jim, Will be making these for family..
  13. Hi everyone, I am new to the leather working art and would love some helpful tips on projects that are easy yet fun to make. Any and all suggestions,, tricks of the trade, etc for a newbie would be appreciated. Looking to start making some easy handbags so if anyone has any templates etc for projects please send them my way. What I have seen on here, you all create really nice items and have been helpful Thank you Roxanne
  14. Thanks Bob, I will definately get those books and do some research. Dwight, that helped alot, thank you so much for taking the time to explain it to me. I am excited to design one (probably small project) and see what I can do..
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