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  1. If it falls through give me a holler Mike
  2. rawhide1

    Rawhide Quirt

    Tanthathide9 I haven't been on here in awhile. So my apologizes for not answering sooner. I don't have a set size I shoot for. I try to build the piece to fit the person it's for. This was for my 14y/o daughter so I built the handle dia. Smaller than if it had been for a full growed woman or man. I also made it shorter as she uses it to run barrels. I hope this answered your question if not holler at me again. I apologize again for the late response. Mike
  3. Here's how I was taught. If it gets sewed it gets glued and if it gets glued it gets sewed. I've never had any problem with the glue affecting my machines. I use weld wood contact. Mike
  4. Redhead Along the same lines as Matt suggested. Take some plexi glass and cut two pieces about 4" long and 3" tall. These will be your outside pieces. Then cut four pieces 4" long and 1-1/2" tall. These are your inside pieces and will hold the razor blades. You will now need to cut 5 pieces 4" long and 1" wide. These will be your fingers to hold the leather down between the razor blades. You'll also want to cut a angle on one end of the finger pieces. Line your outside pieces and inside pieces up and drill a hole in the front and back. Run a screw through and put a nut on it. Next put the fingers together and place them between the outside pieces. The end with the angle should go to the front and the angle should face down. Once the fingers are within the frame drill a hole through the fingers and outside pieces. Run a bolt through the outside pieces and fingers. You don't want to tighten the nut down to tight as the fingers should move freely. Place razor blades between the inside pieces and tighten down. Mark a line on the bottom of your leather were you want your braid to start. Place this line on the points of the razor blades and push the fingers down onto the leather pushing the razors through the leather and between the razor blades. Using your thumb to hold the fingers down on top of the leather pull the plexi glass thingy towards ya until ya reach the other mark were ya want your braid to stop. When doing reins I'd insert the rein into the cutter bending over with one foot on the leather just stand up pulling the cutter with ya. I've cut hundreds of 5 and 3 plait reins with one of these they work great. You'll need to decide the width of your rein and then divide that by the # of strings ya want. Then build your box to fit those measurements. I had one for three and five plait reins. I had a buddy make me some put of aluminum. They were real nice. I'd take pictures but I borrowed em to a fella a few years back and haven't got them back yet. The measurements I listed may need to be adjusted as I don't have one in front of me and I was pulling those from memory. I hope my description isn't to cornfusing Best of luck, Mike
  5. Thanks I'll have to pass Best of luck, Mike
  6. How much u asking and where are u located. Thanks, Mike
  7. Very nice looking!!!! Mike
  8. Les Thanks for the info. On the needles and the shuttle. I'll for sure check those brass strips out for damage. I'm sending ya a pm about the tension springs. Thanks again, Mike
  9. Steve Thanks very much for the pics. That is a pretty unique looking #6. Your right it looks like someone with some know how done a heck of a job on the set up. To tell the truth I'd be scared to death to run mine on a motor. I don't even use the foot pedals I just use the handwheel!! That's plenty fast enough for me!! That's pretty neat to see those other handwheels from other country's. I'd sure like to spend a day in your shop there and look at all those machines. No worries on the needles when ya get a chance to look just give me a holler. Do you know what the smallest thread is that they used to run through these machines. I tried running 138 through mine with a 160 needle. I was having trouble getting the bobbin tension tight enough. But I'm pretty sure I need a new tension spring for it anyway. Would you happen to have a picture of the older bobbins. The ones with the holes drilled in it for the tension instead of a spring. I'm thinking of trying that to see how it works. Thanks again, Mike
  10. Steve That would be great Thanks, Mike
  11. Steve I'm always glad when someone posts something on the #6. There is still a lot I'd like to learn about them and their capabilities. I absolutely love using mine. I wish a supplier would start making size 120 and 140 needles for it again. Then I could use it for smaller projects!! I'm always on the look out for parts for mine. The shuttle I have with the spring on the outside I got off of ebay. I actually felt kinda of bad. I only paid .99 cents for it. It cost the fella more to ship it than he got for it. I'm using that one now as the other one needs a new spring. As of now I just can't make myself pay $50 some dollars for a new one plus shipping from Canada. Hoping I come across one on ebay or craigslist. I'll be looking forward to the pics of that #6 Mike
  12. No idea on the parts. Be interested to find out though. Martins harness in Canada has the t springs and the tension springs. I noticed in a for sale post you had two types of shuttles. I have one of each type. Do you know why they are differnt. I can't seem to locate a place to buy the tension spring for the shuttle were it goes on the outside. I've shimmed it for now but it wont last forever.http://www.aaronmartin.com/product.php?catview=137 I hope this link works. Best of luck, Mike
  13. rawhide1


    Dang nice as always!!! I must say your a braiding machine!! Mike
  14. Nice looking work!! Thanks for sharing! Mike
  15. Those look good and a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Mike
  16. As of now I have a pearson #6 a phaff 1245 and a singer patcher. The #6 is by far my favorite. Mike
  17. rawhide1

    New Reins

    Thanks Buck!! Mike
  18. rawhide1

    New Reins

    Buck Thanks for the explanation. I understood every bit of it. After reading a couple of times. LOL I need to build some reins for the wife and I think I'll use your method. Much appreciated!! Mike
  19. rawhide1

    New Reins

    Nice looking work Buck!! Those ends are pretty cool. If ya dont mind me asking how do ya go about attaching the swivel to the braid. Thanks, Mike
  20. Leatherpownder Great work as always!! Mike
  21. I also trim my hide to either a circle or oval. Depends on the hide. If the hide feels pretty stretchy I'll cut my strings a lil wider than if the hide is pretty firm. I'll then stretch the string some and cut to my finial width. I then bevel the flesh side if my strings aint gonna be real small. After I bevel I'll split if needed.I also get my hides from Hartdke. Welcome aboard and I'm happy to share what I know. Although it aint much!! Mike
  22. Tom Much Thanks I guess I should of used moldy instead of mold. Thanks again, Mike
  23. Howdy I apologize if this has been addressed already. I did a search and just came up with molding leather. Does anyone have a good remedy or product to get rid of mold on leather. Thanks, Mike
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