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  1. I have not visited the forum in some time but was looking to see if there was a pattern here.. Much to my surprise after 2 years the 1912, 1916 holster threat is still alive and well.. Kind of cool really.. Kudos.. Double Bar P
  2. I don't get on here often but I did today looking for a mold. Wondering if you have a list of molds currently available? thanks... DBP
  3. Anyone have a template / pattern for an 1858 Remington Cav holster pattern.. Rides butt forward on belt on strong side.. Thanks
  4. I have not posted in some time (or even visited). I've been really busy building holsters. For a while it almost seemed like a job (and I retired for a reason).. Just wanted to post a few holster projects to see what y'all think...
  5. After I retired my wife urged me to GET a hobby. I had always dabbled in leather work since I was a young child. I decided on holster building as I had carried a gun for 36+ years. I knew very little about building one. I do have a friend who built holsters as a hobby while working... He is not one of those high end builders (most start over 190 - 240). I stopped at his place and asked him to teach me... He said I can't because it does not work that way. You have to actually do it to learn it. (at least based on the way my mind works). I picked up the Stohlman book and it give some basic info on holsters that are not the "main" stream ccw holster everyone wants. So my buddy helped me with a pattern and I started. In the last year and a half I have gotten much better and my friend has actually given me a positive complement. (I continually ask him to evaluate my work and he does with brutal honesty but we have that kind of relationship). I've been busy making holsters for lots of folks for a while now. I still consider myself a novice and have a lot to learn. I have a LOT of prototypes that I've built to get it right before sending it out the door. I try to build a holster I would use as a working LEO to carry a firearm to protect myself and my family... One of the things I've learned is a lot of folks don't know any more about holsters than I do and carry a firearm even less. Everything they know they learned on some forum and then want something that from a every day carry perspective it just not realistic. I listen to them on what they want and then try to put that into a product I would use. Good luck with the project. Get a gun mold so you know exactly what gun you are building a holster for. By the way in my first several visits with my friend I'd take notes. He looked me right in the eye and said he did not want to see any of our conversation on some internet forum.. I would pass this on for what it is worth as a good place to start your very first ccw holster....http://springfieldle...olster,5styles/ good luck... But be careful its addicting...
  6. The High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish SD has a number of saddels on display including saddles that look like the one you have. Nice find..
  7. When I was a kid a loooooog time ago.. My Grandpa owned and operated s shoe repair shot in the pacific nw. I got to work for him on Saturday's shining shoes for 4 bits a pair. I split that with the shop. I would have done it free. Gramps also did harness and tack repair work in addition he made orthopedic shoes. The whole place smelled like leather you know that smell. When I go down stairs into my basement shop, open the door, that leather smell takes me back to that special time with my Grandpa (we lived with Gramps at the time as my dad was overseas in Korea)…
  8. JollyJ. I'm an armature at this holster building stuff so factor that in when listening to what I have to add. On the other hand, I have been carrying a handgun professionally for over 3 decades. As a firearm instructor, I teach my students to achieve a “shooting” grip on the gun while it is still in the holster. Based on your drawing I suggest you adjust your pattern to allow for that… In addition, a “cant” of 10-15 degrees will help with concealing the firearm and gaining a shooting grip while still in the holster. Individual body mechanics and where the holster is worn on the body come into play in this area. If you are looking for a good primer ask Dwight if he would be so kind to provide a copy of his student handout that he provides to his students when he is teaching holster classes. It is an excellent primer. You could also look at Adams leather works. He has some videos of how he builds holsters. Another good resource. Some of the best advice my mentor gave me when I started building holsters was this.. “I can’t give you a step by step formula that will lead to success. Building holsters is one of those things that you need to do with your hands”. I can give you a how to list but you need to do it to understand it”. It does get easier over time. Although I am not sure, how much better I have gotten… I keep trying though… Good luck in your quest to build a better holster. Be sure to post pics of your product so we can see how you have progressed… DBP
  9. I like the rig. Looks like a zero cant holster which for me works real well... I just built a similar holster with a molded sight track. I cut the throat re-enforcement piece to include the sweat shield. That way over time that protion of the holster will not beging to break down and start to fold in covering the hoster mouth.. Not sure if that makes any sence or not... good job..
  10. Years ago I had a sSafariland clipspringer which was not at all stable. I've also use a fobus that is ok until in broke in two at some training while rolling around in the dirt... .. Just depends on one's required level of concealment... I have built a couple of paddle holsters as an experiment. One design variation I liked and was pretty stable. Did not flop around and quite comfortable.. It also included a retention strap that kept the holster anchored to the belt to prevent the smash and grab mentioned before… Like all holsters designs there is always a balance between speed, security, safety, durability, and concealability. Will see if I can dig out a photo (if I can find it) and post same… (kydex covered paddle) I consider myself a novice and hope to learn more on the topic.
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