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  1. Still smoothing and burnishing last week's finished shell wallet. Lot of layers here...takes some serious progressive smoothing with high grit sand paper, then by hand.
  2. First belt is about 7 years old. Shell Cordovan over Sedgewick Stirrup Butt. Three strips of shell sewn together. You'll probably be able to get by with 2 if you're not "big boned". Second is the most recent version...also over Sedgewick. Last is incomplete Shell Cordovan wallet with sharkskin interior.
  3. I've been saddened since Siegel of Ca. went out of business that I haven't been able to get any Shell Cordovan at all from Horweens. I saw Max on Etsy and bought 2 of the Whiskey shells (the thicker of the two options and XL) and I'm very, very pleased with the product and customer service. The entire shell is usable with no noticeable thinning at the edges. The color is a little darker than the Whiskey from Horween's, but next time I'll specifically request a lighter colored shell. I'm going to use one shell for a belt and watch straps, and the other for a Bible cover. These are very firm, no doubt a result of the increased thickness, not really appropriate for wallets, etc but that's my own fault. I'll be ordering several thinner shells shortly. I'll post hi-rez pics when I get home from work tonight. https://www.etsy.com/shop/shellcordovanshop
  4. Looks awesome. You might want to try some hard rolled horsehide for your next holster project. It's way too stiff for me to use on Mexican loop holsters, but for concealed carry, the stiffness to weight ratio is great for minimalist form factors, and handles sweat like a champ.
  5. First thing I've done for a while...got to get those finger calluses back!
  6. http://www.je-sedgwick.co.uk/products/bridle-leather/girth-backs-hides/#more-359
  7. Regarding burnishing, I just use a piece of denim and good old fashioned spit.
  8. I picked up a nice horsehide belt and there is some kind of protective coating on it that I can't identify. What do you guys use on your belts as a sealant?
  9. They're actual "cordovan" shells from Horweens. Cordovan can certainly denote a color but in this case it's the specially tanned subcutaneous horse butt. If you get color #8, you get Cordovan shell cordovan. If you get color #8 while riding in a 1988 Chrysler Cordoba you get Cordovan shell cordovan on fine Corinthian leather.
  10. Very cool. Did you use any kind of pressure on the sewn sides to compress?
  11. It's not really visible in the picture, but it's folded like this one from Noah Lambert. The 2nd image is a Whiskey shell wallet I made last year where I sewed the top edge as well.
  12. LL Cool J would be proud. Great work. "Don't call it a comeback! I been here for years! I'm rockin my peers puttin suckers in fear!"
  13. These were my last 2 cordovan shells...probably the thickest I've ever seen and made 2 excellent pieces. Both are "natural". The first is a wallet made from a single piece of shell and folded. The only seams are on the 2 edges. The second is a horizontal open wallet. Both are hand-sewn with heavy kevlar thread @ 6 spi.
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