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  1. Squirrelly66

    Linothorax Ancient Greek Armor

    I would like to do some of the greek armor. I'm working on some from assassins creed oddessey. that is a very nice set of armor you've done there
  2. Squirrelly66

    Braiding rawhide - where to start

    google rawhide lace, there are a few that do make good lace. Tandy sells the bleached rawhide in cut lace, You may find it to work for you. I buy Tandy's natural rawhide sides and cut my own. I use a strander and after stretching use my own made resizer. That's just me.
  3. Squirrelly66

    Help with Prepping Leather for Braiding

    You can splice different ways, as rgerbitz above pointed out , I do it the way he stated and also will skive the ends and join them with tanner's bond contact cement and a put a spring clamp on it for 30 minutes or so. As for the beveling it does make it look cleaner. you can buy fancy beveler's but I made one from wood that works good. look up bernie46 on youtube, he's an aussie that makes whips. simple to make. you can also make a skiver with wood and a razor blade. I buy my leather always a little thicker and split my lace down to a 2 oz. thickness for a lot of my plaiting. I make whips, lanyards, and a lot of other braided stuff. If I'm doing rawhide I will go to 1 to 1.5 oz on some lace for edge lacing. also look at whyknot lace. they have a good cutter and beveling system. I cut all my lace with an Australian strander that I have reworked to be more friendlier. I usually will lace a whole side at a time. I DO Not use kangaroo lace for any of my stuff. too pricey. Hope this helps.
  4. Squirrelly66

    Is this a lost cause?

    It is a nice piece. your going to want to keep it conditioned well from now on. It could be repaired but why. If you were going to use it I would say repair it, but if its going to be displayed I would do a light clean up on the piece just so you there is no debri that can be snagged and possibly cause further damage if handled in the future. I you try to repair it you are going to run in to problems. even though you are conditioning the leather some of the other strands most likely have damage that cannot be seen and when you start trying to remove the damaged strands you may snap others. it looks to be very tightly braided so trying remove the selected strands by simply sliding the damaged one out and a new one in is not going to be simple , easy, or advisable in my opinion. I have repaired item like this in the past. I usually have to dismantle most of it to repair it properly and at that point its easier to just plait a new one and clean the old one up for display only. Hope this helps
  5. Squirrelly66

    Sixty Button Reins

    Trust me when I say that those are cowboy artwork at its finest. Did you by chance cut your own rawhide lace for those? I love doing rawhide work myself.
  6. Squirrelly66

    Back braiding

    can you by chance give us a couple pics of your handle's when you start the back braid. I also make dog leashes although all mine are nylon paracord. I flat braid mine. seeing yours will give us a better idea of what we need to reply.
  7. Squirrelly66

    Starting braid

    How to make whips by Ron Edwards will give you great insight into plaiting handles. I've used it a lot for doing different patterns around a wooden, fiberglass or steel core rods. I generally use contact cement to hold my strands on the wood while I do a wax sinew wrap around the stands to really hold them in place. I will also use small carpet tacks to hold each strand to the wood also. Bruce Grants Books are good but sometimes a pain to decipher the diagrams. If you want to learn more braiding go to ubraidit.com and order their Book; How to Braid Quality Custom Tack. They teach with paracord but it can all be done with leather also. Hope this helps.
  8. Squirrelly66

    Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks LOL!!!
  9. Squirrelly66

    Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    This is a customer's request. It is a Australian style stock whip with a 24" maple wood handle (customer supplied the log ) a 36" long whip body with a golf ball in a monkey's fist on the end. This is all done in brown 550 paracord. The cord for the monkey's fist still has the innards in it. I made it so that the monkey fist attaches to the end of the whip just like you would attach the fall, incase any repairs need to be made.
  10. Squirrelly66

    How to round braid

    Not really, some are OK, other's not so good. The narrated instruction is either lacking or the video is done by the same guy that does BigFoot's filming. The under 2 over 2 is a basic whip makers plait which can be found in a lot of braiding books. I've done a variation of this in a paracord stock whip with the monkey fist holding a golfball.. You can make a basic snake whip and then I did the monkey fist around the golf ball and attatched like you would attach the fall on a whip. Practice with paracord it is much cheaper to learn with. Most of my braiding (especially the whips I do) is done with the inner strands removed from the cord. Practice is the key. also don't be afraid to experiment. The whip shown is an adapted Australian style stock whip. If you have any specific questions message me and I'll try to get you in the right direction.
  11. Squirrelly66

    How to round braid

    Looks like an 8 plait round braid done over a core ending in a monkey's fist. core is a 4 or 6 plait depending on lace size. Does look to be a over 2, under 2.
  12. Squirrelly66

    Unbleached rawhide lace

  13. Squirrelly66

    Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks Kiwi. I gotta good scar on the back of my neck from the 10' brown one, lol.
  14. Squirrelly66

    Leather Cow whip start and some other whips.

    Thanks Stetson912. When I'm done I'll rub it down with conditioner's and other things that I've used in the past on other projects I've done. Yeah paracord is fun. gotta watch the tips on those cow whips, they fast and those whips are some slinky limp when handling them.