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  1. Hi, I buy it directly from Giardini in Italy. Shipping has allways been realy fast.
  2. I have not used that specific product but I have read about it. It is called 'Basecoat' and also comes in dense or semi dense. I nearly bought some to try out but postage was quite pricey for just one bottle. I'll probably buy some the next time I place an order. I see they now sell the smaller 125mm bottles so I may place an order soon. Here's a PDF with a bit of information regarding the '|Basecoat' and their suggested edge finishing process. http://info.leatheredgepaint.com/hubfs/BASECOAT/Basecoat User Guide for LEather Edge Dyeing.pdf?utm_source=link&utm_campaign=BASECOAT GUIDE&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=BASECOAT GUIDE&utm_source=hs_automation&utm_medium=email&utm_content=41119689&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--hukOECxvGvfCTY8raKg-zubd1EeAN4X973DEtOzZKMkvyCSXGqzzbquRM0vSJ7R8kSrJbjS7p2rKlC35qkAxJgJAUDA&_hsmi=41119689
  3. I just find Semi dense finishes better for me. I read a blog post that said that semi dense was better for hand application and dense was better for machine application. It does also say that dense has better adhesion on certain types of leathers. I must say I've use dense and semi extensively and never had adhesion issue with either. http://blog.leatheredgepaint.com/edge-paint/the-difference-between-maxmatt-dense-and-semi-dense/
  4. I've been using Giardini for a few year now and think its great. I prefer the semi dense over the dense. As always you need to start of with as clean/good an edge as possible. I apply a few coats, lightly sanding each one as I go to build up a key. I also use a heat iron to flatten it out a little. I find those 1" foam brushes great for applying it.
  5. Thanks I've been through a few different processes with watch straps and finally settled on one I'm happy with..... for now :). I used to construct the back, padding and front of the strap before cutting the shape. I find it much easier to cut the shape for the bottom, then add the padding and top and use the shape of the pre cut bottom as a guide to cut around. Very tricky to explain. And yes, for the snaps I use a thick bit of leather over the setter so it doesn't damage the leather covered snap.
  6. Hi, the edge creaser I used is the Wuta one shown in the first image. Its 1.5mm which i find works for most of my stuff. The snap is just a really thin skived piece of leather glued around a brass snap. Quite tricky that one.
  7. Here's a couple of mine from a while back. I've not had the chance to do anything for a good while now and hoping to get back into it soon.
  8. Ive got a good few creasers and despite the cheap price, the tandy one is actualy one of my favourites to use. I allways heat mine using a parafin burner if I'm working with chrome tan leathers. With veg tan try wetting the leather, it will crease better.
  9. I use the Wuta one linked to above and find it excellent. Ive been through a few creasers but have stuck with this one, it's great.
  10. Hi Danne, yes your diagram is correct. Each edge of the centre piece is skived realy thin so as not to add any extra thickness to the edges. The top and bottom are rolled and stitched as you can see from the picture.
  11. I just do all card slots at the same size. Yes they may be slightly tighter at first but they will give a bit when used. In regards to the "non T slots", it is my understanding that they are still T slots but are skived top and bottom and overlapped slightly. Ive seen a few people do this to great effect but I'm guessing its very tricky. I use Giardini edge paint too, there are other similar brands available but Giardini is the easiest and cheapest for me to get over here.
  12. Thanks Thank you. Yeah, I always try to think the job through in my head and still manage to drastically underestimate how long it's going to take. The culprit this time is a shower cubicle with wonky walls Ha, good question. For this card holder I have used an insert. Sometimes if I'm working with thicker leather I will just skive the edge as it gives the same effect.
  13. Thanks everyone. Theres nothing inside of this one. It is just lined with the pink leather used on the gusset. I have done the same design in brown which has a seperating pocket inside, Ive just not got around to taking any pictures of that one yet. Thanks. I skive down a piece of leather as thin as possible, glue it to the face of the popper then fold the excess leather around the back of the popper. It's quite tricky but the end result is good.
  14. Hi Folks, I've managed to fit a few hours in on the leatherwork bench between my house renovations and work. I've made this purple card holder and watch strap. It was quite a tricky build but turned out quite well I think. I'ts quite a contrast going from knocking walls down to something as delicate as this
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